Gyro Stabilized AR-15 Remote Control Platform

FPS Russia takes a look:

A marketing promo video from Paradigm SRP, the company who makes the platform:

Looks pretty cool.  I imagine with more programming it could be set up to work like this Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun.  I hope FPS Russia releases another video where he does something cool with the platform.

I’m not sure if this has “TrackingPoint” style features besides the tagging… but it must make adjustments for windage and elevation too or else that would be pretty useless at any sort of distances.

Hehe Tracking Point released a statement about their rifle software being “hacked”:

Wired Magazine recently reported that information security consultants discovered software vulnerabilities in TrackingPoint guns. We are working with the consultants to verify their assessment and will provide you with a software update if necessary. Until then, please note the following: Since your gun does not have the ability to connect to the internet, the gun can only be compromised if the hacker is actually physically with you. You can continue to use WiFi (to download photos or connect to ShotView) if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.

hacker“if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.”  It’s just lucky that all hackers wear ninja masks, pound back red bull, and act real shifty so they are easy to spot.


Gat tip: James