Tactical Toothbrush With Glass Breaker

Ugh whyyyyyyyyyy:

Does it surprise anyone that this is a Kickstarter campaign?  Goal is $40,000 AUD (Australian Dollars), and they are at just under $2k at the time of writing this with 20 days to go.  Too early for me to speculate if people are dumb enough to fund this.

Tactical-Tooth-BrushApparently “glass breakers” are the epitome of tactical.  Who knew?  Too bad it wasn’t possibly to attach a “door kicker” of some type to the tooth brush to make it more operator.

I take my oral health very seriously and will continue to use only toothbrushes approved by dentists, not some fly by night Australian designers trying to shoehorn some tacticalness into keeping my teeth clean.

Massive fail for not even having a Glock attachment, amirite?


Gat tip: Kyle