CBS On Being A Federal Air Marshal

CBS takes a short look:

Man, you couldn’t pay me enough to fly back and forth on a plane for a living.  Hopefully their presence (unknown) is creating at least some deterrent.

CNN has a short article and video on the problems with the Air Marshal program.  According to CNN they are sleep-deprived, medicated, and suicidal.  I can’t say the sleep deprived part really surprises me considering that’s their job.  Medicated and suicidal sounds like a result of sleep deprivation to me.

Federal-Air-Marshal-BadgeAll these basic Tinder girls I’m seeing with “Wanderlust” should become air marshals (“OMG Becky… I have wanderlust!  You know!  YA YOU KNOW Becky teee heheheh”) and see new places on their days off.

I haven’t really weighed all the pros and cons of letting regular people carry on an airplane.  My gut reaction is that it sounds like a bad idea, until you wish there were armed good people on the plane because of a hijacking.  Tough one.  My biggest worry is that if carry were allowed, then airplanes would become the new movie theaters, if you catch my drift.  Some suicidal idiot firing off some shots in a plane though would create such mess and bigger story, bring the shooter way more fame than popping off some shorts in a movie theater would have got them.