Rifling A Barrel At Home

This isn’t pretty but it appears to have worked:

Home-Barrel-RiflingCool.  Royal Nonesuch; take notes.  This guy is out-Royal-Nonesuch’ing you at your own game. :P

What kind of sus coil did this man make at the beginning?  Is he bootlegging liquor in his spare time? haha either way it’s a damn nice coil. I skipped through his “making of” video on his page, and it’s really neat how it fills the copper tube up with liquid parafin wax before he bends it. I like this guy’s style. haha nm.. actually he did make a distiller as shown in this video. This guy has some cool talents. 10/10 – would party with.

Thoughts?  This guy needs to accuracy test one of his barrels vs smooth bore.  I’d like to see the results!