Transporter Refueled – Trailer

Holy, I didn’t realize that this is the 5th Transporter movie:

I’ve actually only seen the first and second Transporter.  I remember them being alright in a “that’s dumb as hell but looks cool” type of way.  Evidently, I wasn’t that amped to see the 2 that came out since.  Should I get on that?  I just remember in Transporter 2 there was a scene where they removed a bomb off the bottom of the Audi by barrel rolling it past the hook on a crane.  After that I was pretty much done haha.

0:29 – Yessss Pusha-T Changing Of The Guards.  Killer song.

transporter-refueledThis movie really doesn’t look like an exception to the “dumb but looks cool” rule.  I probably won’t watch it because I also see that Jason Statham is no longer the Transporter.  Too busy with his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley I guess?  Tbh I’m not a fan of that girl’s face.  Looks like a dude; you could cut a steak with that jawline.

Thoughts?  Comes out in a few weeks (Sept 4th)… you seeing this?  Wow already September in a few weeks huh?  Crazy.