James Yeager Is Apparently A Genius

IQ of 300, which apparently makes him the world’s smartest man.


According to multiple sources [2,3], James Yeager broke the ceiling on the Cattell Culture Fair III, Leiter scale, OLSAT, Raven’s Progressive Matrices, Stanford–Binet, the Test for Genius and the WAIS. After astounding scientists from Princeton University and Stanford University, only extrapolations on experimental tests, developed by geniuses could conclude Yeager’s IQ is around 300.

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James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedLOL sounds like another attempt at viral marketing.  I doubt this one is going to gain as much traction as when he said he is going to start killing people who try to take his guns.  He really should stick to more controversial stuff like that… damn that was an entertaining time for the gun community.

Proving to others how smart they are according to tests seems to be a big part of some people’s lives.  I’ve heard James boast about how smart he is multiple times on video before.  I have no idea what my IQ is, and frankly I don’t care because it’s completely irrelevant to what’s important to me.

Thoughts?  I find this really hard to believe for so many reasons.  I had to look up the IQ scale, and now I’m even more convinced someone is really try-hard viral trolling on this one.  You won’t be surprised that the first comment on the CNN article is shots fired at Yeager for that gunfight incident from his past people always bring up.

Gat tip: Matthew