Philippines Special Forces Green Beret Training

A calming promo video:

2:55 – My man dialing up boat explosions on the Nokia burner.

4:22 – Yesssss that tiger stripe camo is beautiful.

5:02 – I want that tiger stripe boat too.  Shit on everyone’s fancy sparkly paint boats at spring break.

Before this video I didn’t even know the Philippines had a badass special forces.  The video was neat too.. showed some badass stuff but was very low key about it, all keeping flexing to a minimum.  Cool that they are using all American weapons.

Philippines-Special-Forces7:46 – Ugh I hated treading water and singing in unison.  In fact I spent way too long in swimming lessons in general… like I ever planned on being a lifeguard.  But nooooo my parents thought I should be a water ninja.  Boating and spitting game to girls on the beach rarely requires about average swimming skills.

10/10 would operate with.