Full Auto Glock Torture Test


ENDO-Stock-Adapter-Glock-EditionThe thing I like the most about these videos whether they use my adapter or not, is that people are like “Oh I should get a stock for my Glock”… so they poke around and see all the ridiculous looking / ridiculous prices on other options before deciding on mine (ENDOtactical).  That was when I had it at $99 too… now at $35 it’s an instant buy decision for people.  No flexing.. two points of contact… AR-15 stock compatible. Yeah.

Damn that lower got pretty wrecked!!  Talk about a lot of rounds on auto though before hand though wow- 1272 total!!!! This is exactly why if anyone ever talks shit about Glock I’m like “Oh yea cool story!  Tell me another!”

Thats cool they had the FLIR camera showing the heat too.