Do You Trust The Police?

VICE asks some people worldwide:

0:25 – Whooo sup Milène?  She looks like a girl who I dated for a couple months.  Now I just see her online.  Probably for the better… she was 39, she didn’t “get” memes, and that clock was ticking.

I’m not really that surprised that internationally people have a negative opinion of them, especially considering all the negative crap the media puts out which people catch on camera.  Thankfully I’ve actually noticed there seems to be some effort lately with the media reporting GOOD stories about the police too.

3:35 – “Police have too many weapons. They should only have a taser MAYBE.”  -Cool story from a Mexican bro

Taser-Axon-Head-Mounted-Camera-PoliceMeh… definitely one of those VICE videos just to scrape in a few extra ad dollars.  I like a lot of their stuff but some of it is like “Why bother?”.