Just Some Little Kids Playing With An Airsoft Gun Talking Some Talk

The only reason people are freaking out over this is because the kids are black:

As you guys know I don’t have kids, nor are there any kids I ever hang around so I don’t know what’s acceptable anymore.  Sure if you “pretend” this is a real gun then it’s quite disturbing.  Growing up, my friends and I did and said things that were 100x more offensive and violent with our plastic guns.  I’m white and had blonde hair and blue eyes back then though, so maybe that gave me a pass?  It was the 80s / 90s too so that definitely helped.  We all knew we were playing with toys, and we were acting out things we saw in movies so It didn’t really matter.  Are parents supposed to lecture kids to properly handle a toy gun as if it were real in 2015?  Kids can’t pretend to be kids, and let their imagination run wild and execute everyone with their little airsoft gun, go drink some ice cold kool-aid, and eat cookies until their stomachs hurt?  That’s a childhood.  What’s next, telling a kid they have to be responsible with their Hotwheels vehicles, and drive them around with care because “cars can take lives”?  GTFO of here.  Oh and if you’re playing with the imaginary cooking set, “make sure you don’t make hotdogs or anything with GMO in it little Mikey, because that stuff is bad and will kill you”.

Playing-With-Airsoft-GunCameras on cellphones, the internet, and the quickness people can post stuff online is obviously a major change from when I grew up.  Heck in the pre-internet era, I highly doubt my dad and mom would have let me lug around their $1000+ VHS camera and record my shenanigans, even if I wanted to.  If they did, who else would have saw it?  Definitely no one who wasn’t already over at the house.  Now when someone posts something online, it’s there forever for people to pass around and critique.  Not even deleting the video that was originally uploaded would get rid of it permanently at this point.


Gat tip: Marco, Lance