TheAKguy Wants To Make An AKs In The USA Video

Naturally an indiegogo campaign:

“AK’s in the USA” is sort of a documentary series that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. Essentially, I’m going to be traveling around the country to meet with big manufacturers, builders, YouTubers, and other prominent people in the American AK Industry. The goal is to get a behind the scenes look at Arsenal, Century, and other manufacturers as well as collaborating with other names you all might know.  We’ll be using high quality equipment to capture interviews from the biggest names in the business, to the small town AK operators. If fully funded, we’ll have it all.

You can check out the campaign here.

The-AK-Guy-YouTubeI like TheAKguy (Brandon), and I like his videos; I hope this series turns out to be a success.  I have no idea how the funding goal of $6000 will cover at the vodka and Russian women this series will require to be accurate, and justly investigative… but Brandon will be damned if he doesn’t try.  Brandon contacted me the other day about being a part of the video… I’m considering it, and if time permits I might call in a favor with Anna Kournikova and meet up with him.