Sintercore Glock 43 Magazine Extension Low Hanging Fruit

Sintercore goes for some low hanging fruit this time and is coming out with a basic Glock 43 +2 magazine extension:


The whole claim to fame at Sintercore is that they use additive manufacturing (3D printing in various materials) rather than the usual machining (subtractive).  I believe I’ve stated my opinion on this in the past, which is that you can try to market that fact all you want, people really give zero shits that the part is 3D printed or not… they just don’t want to pay a premium, and they want it to work just as good as a machined part.  END OF STORY.  As with all the products (four now) Sintercore comes out with, there is a big marketing push at the beginning and then you never hear about them again until the next product.  I’m not sure how that bodes for consistent sales, but whatever it’s not my concern.

I rolled my eyes initially when I initially saw this particular product because I thought it was going to be $400 like their muzzle brake initially was, but quickly did the *not bad* Obama face when I saw they are only asking $20 for it (*cough* my bad… $19.95 LOL they even try to work the psychology on that angle haha).  Honestly for $20 if it works, that’s a steal.  If I had a G43 I’d definitely pick a couple up.

AR15-Halix-Chin-StockThere’s not really much else you can say to try and sell someone a Glock 43 +2 magazine extension, besides assuring them it will work as advertised.  Oh but you thought Sintercore would stop there?  Nah son.. they had to design flex on us with the last point “Developed with Eric Mutchler, inventor of the first 3D printed handgun in the world, the SC1911”, because we’re all supposed to be impressed he paid Eric to 3D scan a G43 mag base, vernier caliper that shit, extend it in Solidworks, and print a few prototypes to see if he got it right.  Anyway I digress… the point is $20, and it supposedly works.  If you have a G43 you should definitely consider making the capacity less shitty (LOL factory 6 rounds).

P.S. – If you’re ever feeling down, just look in the mirror and tell yourself “At least I didn’t design a product for an AR-15 rifle, which transfers all the recoil energy to a shooters jaw and head”.   Ahhahaha I’m out… these posts are always way too much fun.