Amy Jane Stolen Valor Officially Forgotten About


As it usually is, stolen valor successfully swept under the rug and it’s business as usual with this girl.  Who knew that if you spent 88 days in boot camp you couldn’t call yourself a marine? *sarcasm*  Anyway, as expected she only took an L briefly for that and now is back promoting brands and making videos and appearing with celebrities etc.. EVEN NEW SHOOTING RELATED SPONSORS (Including BCM, 5.11, Bladetech etc.. according to the printing on her competition shooting jersey… isn’t BCM veteran run?). We even plainly see a Taran Tactical logo on a few spots on the jersey. If you remember, Taran Tactical dropped her publicly on Instagram when this whole debacle first surfaced. I shit you not… Just browse her Instagram.  Judging by the comments, people might not know her past… but there’s also the fact that because of her looks guys white knight the shit out of her hoping she might come within a 21mi radius of their wiener, touch their shoulder, or sign a cheeto for them someday. There is a good rundown of all the shenanigans with video and screenshots etc. on this Military Phonies blog post if you’re looking to burn the clock up at work this Monday.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone though?  It doesn’t to me… oh and in case you’re wondering why I’m beating a dead horse, I forgot about this waste of O2 until someone by the name of Neil Jackson left a comment on a past Amy Jane stolen valor post today with this gem:  Amy Jane lies about being stunt double on NBC’s new show ‘Blindspot’.   Damn it just gets better and better with this one. She is 100% her own worst enemy.

Stolen-ValorAnyone have any other inspirational stolen valor stories to share?  The youth need to know that they too can steal valor to use as a pedestal to become successful. *smfh*.  The worst thing about this all, is that with her obvious work ethic she likely could be just as successful (if not more successful), have zero guilt, and have everyone on earth love her without all the lying. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonably explanation for her lying about being a stunt double on Blindspot too… like come on guys, she probably didn’t know she had to actually be on the show, and know the person she was doubling for! Give her a break jeeze. MFers just want to pile on and beat her down at ever little miss step now. *smh*

Thoughts? Not even Sahara Desert level thirst would make me want to have anything to do with this girl, nor would I touch her with a 10ft pole someone else loaned me.

P.S. – Vuurwapen Blog had a great post on Why You Shouldn’t Support Military Fakers In The Gun Industry, which you should check out.

ENDO-Mike (SEAL BUD/S Class 47, USMC Sniper, 75th Ranger Regiment -23 Battalion, Astronaut, LL. M., PhD, P. ENG., B. COMM., M.B.A., M.A., Batman)