PWS On Their Gas Piston MK1 Rifle

One of those machining / manufacturing videos I like so much:

They talk a lot of shit at the beginning about all the “amount of maintenance required to make the m4 design continually run properly.  We’re constantly fighting to get through full magazine dumps to show how effective the compensators were.”.   Really?  You couldn’t even get through a few magazines back to back in a regular AR without a failure?  I have sub $1000 gas impingement AR-15s and they all work fine.

Looks like they have some expensive equipment and know how to use it anyway!   I’m still surprised the market can support so many manufacturers who all make a very similar product.   It seems to me that the only thing separating a lot of these companies is aesthetics, their own spin on changing aspects of the design, but especially marketing.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerIf you like, you can check out the MK1 series of rifles on PWS’ site which all go for just under $2000.

Thank god PWS quit making episodes of Half Cocked.  That show went downhill quick.