Fireworks Shoot Back Shooting Drill

This is interesting:

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haha!  Like a few people in the comments on my Instagram post said – He really matrix dodged that initial firework shot.

The guy in the video is Baret Fawbush from YouTube.  Who also surprisingly (to me anyway) happens to be a preacher.

Definitely a funny way to spice up the old “stationary shooting range”.    Sure he’s wearing ear and eye pro, but I’m betting getting a burning hot screaming firework to an unprotected part of the face would probably do some damage.  I don’t have much experience with firework related shenanigans.  My buddies and I were always pretty safe with those… we just threw Black Cats and Lady Fingers at each other. :P  I maybe have some minor hearing damage from that, but really… if you made it through your teens and 20s without any good drinking related stories and some slight hearing damage then you were probably just not living; you were too focused on saying alive.

Thoughts?  Anyone going to one-up this guy with a multiple angles of all types of elaborate fireworks, computer controlled like an actual ambush?

Gat tip: @ShootWithPaul