Uzi Does It Larry Vuitton

Larry taking an in depth look as usual:

Damn I love Larry’s vids.

There is so much cool stuff about that gun.  The stock… the open bolt design… the L shaped magazine… those badass sights etc…

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyInteresting what he was saying about the grip safety being a pain in the ass.  I laughed when he talked about “taping it down”.

Man, there is so very little flex of any type when fired on auto.  I guess at almost 8lbs though, they over engineered it.

I’m seriously considering getting a handful of Larry Vuitton stickers made up for personal use.  I’d probably just slap them up on various shit outside around my condo just so I could internally LOL every time I left the crib.  Maybe even a 1 of 1 shirt made, just to troll the staff at the LV stores.  I’d be like “It’s an operator thing… you wouldn’t understand.”