Stitches Really Grasping At Straws To Stay Relevant And Edgy

Even the title of this video is eyeroll / yawn city:

Wow right out of the gate we’re off to a nice “controversial” start.

I’m honestly surprised YouTube is allowing them to host the video there, and that it wasn’t classified as “hateful” or something.  Maybe Stitches’ manager had to call up youtube with a definition of the word, so he’d get a pass.

I can appreciate Stitches’ love for the 2nd Amendment, but he really should mellow out a bit.

3:07 – Dat Koopa backpack tho…

3:10 – I have to give it up to Stitches for this one — The Century Arms Centurion C39 AK Pistol… milled receiver, nice 100% USA made:


He’s come a long way from that Tapco-fucked SKS he called an AK-47 in his early vids.

Centurion-C39-AK-PistolIs it possible this is all theatrics, and Stitches is an avid / responsible shooter?  Have you seen him volunteering to pick up brass and help clean up at your local range?

Thoughts?  Where is stitches going to push the boundary next?  Unless he does a song in black face while trolling law enforcement, I can’t see it getting much more controversial than what he’s already done.

Gat tip: James


33 responses to “Stitches Really Grasping At Straws To Stay Relevant And Edgy”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    eh upon a small amount of google-fu Phillip Katsabanis seems to be regarded as a big ole phoney, leaving shows early chasing his wife down, throwing out bags of cocaine which are just flour. Seems like one big ass circus act.

    1. RickyRob Avatar

      Ha that’s funny and not surprising. A lot of these “rappers” are actors.

  2. Was that a steel case on the charging handle? Ha

    1. Oh lol, I think it might be a rubber cap that is put on at the factory when packaging them.

    2. It’s a rubber “protector” since that’s the only part of the firearm that protrudes. It prevents the charging handle from chewing up the cardboard box. Don’t ever trust anyone who can’t be hassled to remove it.

      1. LOL for real? I saw it in some Google images but was not sure

  3. I really think this dude has a cases of Schizophrenia, maybe paranoid type?

    He’s angry all the time. :(

    I’m hoping those tattoos on his face are just drawings with markers. His hair – when is the last time he’s seen a comb or shower?

    1. So angry.

    2. He’s trying too hard with the face tats, going straight for the cliched scary-stuff and piling it on. It’s something I would never have thought of (lol) but the Gucci-Mane ice-cream-cone is a better idea.

  4. Christoph Avatar

    This guy is a dud, and a fake.

  5. Hashtagbutt Avatar

    Stitches has a hood card he can drop n bombs all day he’s from the local neighborhood and we’ll gets the ghetto pass so not so controversial other than all you people saying omg he said the n word and is white he can’t do that but select few are allowed I’m white and I say nigga to my black homies they don’t trip because they know I don’t mean it as an insult but as a friend/homie/buddy/pal

    1. PunctuationMark Avatar

      Can I be your homie? For the love of GOD, please say yes.

    2. Congrats on being one of the “select”. Perhaps a grasp of punctuation can be your next goal. #chokeyourself

  6. I saw Brick In Yo Face here when ENDO first posted it, and I have to be entirely honest. I love this dude’s music, it’s all ridiculous and fun. I heard this song way before there was a music video for it. I follow Stitches’ Snapchat, I follow his Instagram. My friends love Stitches too. My buddy came up to Michigan from Colorado, and took Stitches back with him. He and his friends love it too. It’s not uncommon to hear us at work saying Stitches’ favorite slogan: “Fuck a job.”

    I’m 25 year old white dude whose primary sources of music are all metal bands and the occasional weird or outlandish artist from another genre that I just like a lot – and you cursed me with a love for Stitches. You’re a monster.

    1. Bruh Bruh Avatar
      Bruh Bruh

      I too enjoy his music. I was pissed i missed his concert here in CO by like two days. Would loved to have taken him to the range with my new ak n extendos – cuz you know he dont shoot no pisto!

    2. Not sure if serious…

      1. Serious.

  7. I don’t have to watch the video to know this guy doesn’t know shit about that AK. Anyone who would buy one with that stupid shark-fin fsb/gb obviously doesn’t.

  8. Safetyfirst Avatar

    lololo, for anyone that’s not seen brass eye, go check it out.

  9. Artumus Avatar

    110% waste of oxygen

    1. Agreed; why are this clown’s antics still posted here?

      1. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

        Delicious click generated by outrage.

  10. Denver Chris Avatar
    Denver Chris

    I love how the second guy is trying to act all hard, but he’s an anorexic, crossdressing, dreadlock-extendo having Wiz Kalifa-knockoff, wearing SKINNY JEANS made of LEATHER, who sounds like Courage the Cowardly dog just starting to go through puberty. Good lord, what the fuck is going on nowadays

    1. Denver Chris Avatar
      Denver Chris

      Stitches looks like Bin Laden compared to this other guy, lol

    2. HTTPeter Avatar

      LOL Wiz knockoff

  11. jim bob Avatar

    it is my understanding that in places of a lower socioeconomic background, snitches get stitches. can anyone clarify, does that mean they receive a free copy of his CD, or are they speaking more philosophically and they mean they “get”, understand him, better than most?


  12. If anyone was wondering about that weird face that flashes for 1 frame at about 1:40
    I think it is George Zimmerman….strange….

  13. Bruh Bruh Avatar
    Bruh Bruh

    Whats with the double glawk derp scan from Sean J? I may need to incorperate that into my training. And im loving their trigger discipline!

  14. Friendly note for all Paul Wall wannabe gangsters out there.
    Get a straight job, make decent money, invest in high quality firearms, start a retirement plan, get a “loan out corporation,” and other IRS workarounds…

    And then tattoo your face like a circus clown. At least we’ll respect your guns and financial planning.

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    I didn’t know latinos could be n*ggas…

  16. Punkmafuka Avatar

    How does he kill anybody if he doesn’t ever shoot any guns in his videos? Maybe he doesn’t ever shoot any of his guns, maybe he should be saying FUCK TRIGGAS!!! because he sure as hell ain’t pulling any.

  17. Russian Roulette Avatar
    Russian Roulette

    Stitches guest dude is going thru puberty and has a lisp. Awesome.

  18. Kenny Kalashnikov Avatar
    Kenny Kalashnikov

    C39’s are trash, should’ve stuck with the SKS. ?