Larry Turns Off A PC Classy 360 Degree Style With Slam Dunk

*Larry turns if Awwwwwwwwf*

0:48 – Whoa that gopro 360 spinner thing is awesome.  What a cool idea to get a different type of shot.  He should do that with one of his highspeed phantom cameras while tearing something up.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyIs Larry filming these videos on a military range somewhere?  Looks like it could be one in the 360 footage.  It doesn’t really surprise me considering what an operator he was, that his name would ring bells if he just called up any base and was like “What’s good fam?  Can I borrow your range for an afternoon to *sings* turn it awwwwwwwwf?”

1:26 – ROFL best part in any video of his, ever.  Just watch… I don’t want to spoil it.



6 responses to “Larry Turns Off A PC Classy 360 Degree Style With Slam Dunk”

  1. Matt Bellia Avatar
    Matt Bellia

    Control alt delete bitch!!!!! Classic! Yeah that gopro rig is sweet!

  2. Wait, so what does Larry Vickers actually do other than Internet Gun Stuff?

    Does he sell a product or service?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      He’s is or was doing consulting, and being a spokesman for quite a few companies. BCM, Wilson Combat, Daniel Defense to name a few. CCW Safe is another one… I googled it for you and there’s actually a whole list of “friends and sponsors” on the right side of his blog post –

      1. Well, at least he isn’t gun famous for the sake of being gun famous.

        I still feel like he’s either trolling us all, or has gone kinda nuts with everything being a hokey joke.


        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          For sure. Larry works hard for it. I’m pretty sure he’s just really in touch with gun related humor, and what do say and do in order to get internet LOLs and piss off guys on ARFCOM.

  3. it wasn’t even on!!….needed to on to turn it off home slice…..;)