Willing To Be Destroyed Confidence Drills

Unless you speak the language, do yourself a favor and skip to 0:20:

1:41 in this. Special treat that it’s automatic fire:

0:07 in this:

1:54 in this:

*smh* cool stuff bros.  It’s always really heartwarming to see derp transcend culture.



4 responses to “Willing To Be Destroyed Confidence Drills”

  1. Now we know what Buck Yeager is going to be teaching next…

  2. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    When they grow up they will look back at this and think: “Wow, I was so reckless when I was young, that shit could have killed me…”

  3. TwoDelta Avatar

    I’d rather be Yeager’s cameraman

  4. Simon Says Avatar
    Simon Says

    I see no reason why this would in any way be a problem.

    The wild supply of rangeofficers and firearms trainers have become a major problem in some areas.
    This overstock creates strange varieties in the species leading in some instances to transsexual gay pornstars starting their own tactical training programs.

    I think this course should be mandatory for anyone wanting to market a service with the phrase tactical in it.