VICE On The Rebranding Of The AK-47 As A Weapon Of Peace

VICE did a solid job on this!  I don’t think too many of you guys will be mad at it:

0:02 – We’re off to a strong start with that hella battleworn AK.

0:09 – haha carbon fiber “KALASHNIKOV” cut out handguard, with a hell of a muzzle brake on the end of the barrel.  That break probably weighs a couple pounds haha.

2:00 – Yikes, their main market was the USA (obviously), and 90% of exports were shipped here.

3:31 – Damn that new model is NIIIIIIIIICE.

3:55 – OOOOooo dat auto on the SF battleworn model.

4:49 – The rebranding campaign video they are talking about you can watch below:

So my question to you VICE haters out there… u mad at this?

Gat tip: Dawud


23 responses to “VICE On The Rebranding Of The AK-47 As A Weapon Of Peace”

  1. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    Man, the interviewer was on drugs when talking to the marketing guy. I havent seen bigger tripmines ever.

  2. My only gripe with any VICE gun video is that they always send some guy who’s never fired one before…makes me cringe. Generally love VICE tho, good stuff.

  3. Nah, the annoying shitbeard hipster didn’t talk that much. It was a decent video.

  4. But just sent out an email with kalash usa rifles on sale.

  5. Vitsaus Avatar

    One of their least offensive videos. They still need to lose the hipsters and get people that are less cringe inducing as “journalists.”

  6. Disco Avatar

    I had a 5.45 and 7.62 Saiga AK I sold off 2 years ago for more expensive guns. I really wish the Obama sanctions hadn’t happened as I question daily why I sold off my AKs.

    I think it is refreshing that the AK is going from “bad guy” weapon to its rightful place as simply another option.

    The M16 is the space pen to the AKs pencil.

  7. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    LOL couldnt help but laugh at the “bad guys always have AKs line”, I wonder if it had something to do with communism (or the US if were talkin about the muj).

  8. tincankilla Avatar

    3:43 – that new shooter grin!

    but, ugh, pudgy lumbersexual in skinny jeans.

  9. Chuck Avatar

    At 3:36 look at this fool shooting with his right hand, and using his left eye. Hopefully this shitdick, gets addicted and un-fucks himself. But good video

    1. Lolinski Avatar

      Nothing wrong with shooting like that. Some guns are more comfortable that way. I can shoot with either hand and aim with either eye + aim with both eyes open.

      Works well on AKs due to the short stockz

      1. Kestrelbike Avatar

        I found out my girlfriend was cross eye dominant and it felt like she told me she had been born with a penis

        1. Vitsaus Avatar

          Man, that made me laugh for about 5 straight minutes.

  10. The whole rebranding away from criminal use reminds me of what the Thompson went through.

    1. Vitsaus Avatar

      Prolific use in WWII sort of did the rebranding for them. The gun also had government adoption at the same time that it had criminal adoption so I’m not sure how much work they put into changing their image.

  11. DangrousBrian Avatar

    maybe next we can rebrand hi-point as the common man’s pistol? not just for saturday night liquor store robberies? guys?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha haha perfect

    2. Yallan Avatar

      “My name is Joe, I’m a plumber, I own a Highpoint”.

    3. Have you seen the latest issue of American Rifleman. They are doing just that story about HiPoint being a working man’s gun.

  12. Doyletoo Avatar

    The hipster needs to “you know” get another “you know” job if that’s the best he can do. I have to speak in front of people every day and could have done better with about ten minutes prep. Take public speaking 101. Actually his boss so the one to blame if he can’t see this.

    And “why do you think (eye roll) you know, it became the tool of militant groups (eye roll) you know…you know?” Because the basic AK is so simple you can teach the illiterate to use and maintain it in an hour. Duh.

    I don’t care that he’s not a gun guy. That’s forgive able but he could have prepared instead of just going to be a marketing tool. Or a tool period…

    1. Disco Avatar

      Sign of the times my man.
      This is really geared toward metrosexual yuppie hipsters who got trophies just for showing up on snowflake day. They never had the privilege of being told how daft they really are.

      More cause of the week jive. They want you to “feel guilty” about guns even though they have fun shooting them because they get to act like a real man for once.

      I remember when Amazon Blonde Laurie Dhue did a piece for MSNBC of all networks on Gunsite where she shot CAR 15s, UZIs, and 1911s and it was a positive deal. This was 1999 or so….

  13. Ok, I want one of those AK-107 Civilians. Damn that was flat recoiling.