Regular Dudes Training To Go Fight ISIS Abroad

It’s. About. To. Go. DOWwwwwwwwwwn:

Well The main guy has scary tattoos, a luxurious beard, Oakley M frames, and a chest rig.  His boys have a fair amount of multicam on, and various Oakley’s as well… so basically what could possibly go wrong?

I always get a kick out of seeing contractors in basketball shoes or cross trainers, and random t-shirts out there operating.

ISIS-Goat-Hostage-TargetAs much as I’d like to see them go over there and surgically remove all the bad guys, I’m not that optimistic.  They just don’t have the information, equipment, and training that most military units have.  It’s a valiant cause though, I’ll give them that.

RT has more on this story along with an interview with an Iraq war veteran on the topic.

Thoughts?  Do you see this ending well?

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  1. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    That guy with one arm tho

  2. Ask James Yeager what it’s like to work in Iraq without medical support, no fire support, no heavy weapons, no humint, and no mission planning.

    Beards and tattoos don’t go very far when you’re up against technicals and stolen MRAPs with 14.5mm DsHKs on top. Good luck, gentlemen.

    1. jasper Avatar

      did you even watch the video? they’re going to the Philippines not Iraq

      1. I commented before I read the article. My bad. If the state department doesn’t yank their passports, they’ll be in a Philippine jail a few minutes after they land. If these guys want to fight, they should join the military or a real contract outfit. This can’t end well?

        1. jasper Avatar

          yeah I agree We need Executive Outcomes to be a company again

        2. Kestrelbike Avatar

          Dudes are just bored with the cradle-to-grave safe snooze life these days. Nothing they do means anything (whatever their job is, it’s either unimportant and/or they’re highly replaceable), so they want to add meaning, feeling, and camaraderie to their lives. I truly sympathize with them (though I’m not sure they’re not 1,000,000% out of their league).

        3. yallan Avatar

          There are many private security contractors, the best only hire ex-military special forces from western nations. They are probably working for a lower tier outfit, good luck to them. Also much easier to practice your trade as a contractor than it is as a soldier in the U.S military.

  3. Tantal74 Avatar

    Dat NEA PDW stock though.

  4. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    OH MY GOD… Not this Yousef guy again. Tight dog and pony show, bros. HA! Philippines… smh

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Where is Yousef from? I don’t recognize him. Past derps I should remember?

      1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

        Most def. Many moons ago he posted a picture of himself and his Blackwater team mates in Iraq on the good ol IG… Unfortunately, he didn’t know other people had access to the dark net that is Turns out the image he used was of the Blackwater contractors involved in the Iraq Massacre and the names of the people in the photo were indicted on weapons charges and manslaughter while one of them plead guilty. Normally I don’t care about that sort of thing, people have always been full of shit and my jimmies remain unrustled. But now this guy is taking money and “going to fight ISIS”? My jimmies continue to remain unrustled but my jimbobs are definitely fluttered.

  5. Disco Avatar

    Lol. A buncha Dale Gribbles who BSed Soviet news into documenting their war games.

    IF the FBI doesn’t arrest them for ITAR/mercenary crimes (yes it is illegal to be a mercenary. Blackwater et al were exempt due to having State Department approval and were designated contractors)/conspiracy, IF the State Department doesn’t yank their passports, IF the BATFE doesn’t ream them over some form of weapons violation, IF the Philippine government doesn’t jail them, and IF they go after the first training camp; as soon as the first chubby bubba catches a sucking chest wound…they WILL drop their cowboy gear and retreat.

    Uncommon Valor was a good movie. ..a nice piece of fiction. But these days….no air support and no medical support is total suicide.

    Civilian as Fuck.

    James Yeager tried to go into an active warzone with no training and everybody died. He survived through a combination of cowardice and luck.

    Yeah. ..naw…ain’t gonna happen. And if someone WERE going to do something like this…they wouldn’t tell anyone.

    1. hextone Avatar

      What is the Yeager back story?
      I’ve heard a few small references but don’t know much about it. I thought he was ex-military.?

      1. He was 5-0. Somehow got a contractor out of Scotland to hire him. Sitting in traffic in unmarked civilian looking cars. Cars all spread out very obviously keeping distance. He was driving lead vehicle. RPK opened up from their right. He dumped clutch and either (a) break was on or (b) shifter was in neutral and car didn’t move. He assumed it to be disabled and exited vehicle and fired about 3 rounds from behind his car, then ran across the road and hid in a ditch on the left side of the road in a position where he couldn’t even see the enemy. He never fired another round after retreating to cover. A couple of the guys on his team died, while they were like shooting back and doing real “tactical” stuff like that. There is a video online. It’s frustrating to watch. Makes Buck Yeager look absolutely worthless, which seems to be accurate.

        1. hextone Avatar

          Copy that, thanks.
          Doing some googling now.

        2. Disco Avatar

          There’s a right way and a wrong way.

          Juxtapose Travis Haley under fire vs Yeager. Night and day.

          1. The laughable/concerning thing is that I saw a Buck Yeager video once where he was touting their disabled vehicle drills that they teach to contractors. I shit you not. Then there was a video where a guy called him and asked him a bunch of questions about it and finally asked if it entailed hiding in a ditch like a little b!tch. He wasn’t very happy. Hahah.

        3. Squirreltakular Avatar

          Video I saw had audio of him return to one of the vehicles and talk to one of his wounded team mates and return fire again. Any other sources, like statements from other guys involved?

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            I think there was a lawsuit and they can’t talk about. I could be wrong and maybe they choose to not discuss it because they lost friends and have some regrets.

          2. Disco Avatar

            There is an AAR. He does go back to a dying team member and ultimately returns fire to an already egressed enemy.

            The official AAR is pretty damning towards Yeager. Simple googling brings it up.

            IIRC an Army mechanized unit comes in to evac him and one other survivor. People will say he “got off the X” and “took cover”. The other Edinburgh members tried to make a stand and respond with fire as if to create a break from contact. However it fell apart pretty quickly. Yeager is in Vehicle 1. Panics. Renders the vehicle immobile through a combination of lack of training and panic. He fires three rounds and sprints off to the ditch while the passenger in his vehicle takes his bullets for him. He is proned out until the enemy assumes all are dead or dying and books.

            The full video is out and is stomach turning because it is one giant chinese fire drill.
            If I were Yeager I would have slinked into the shadows and never spoken of it again.

    2. How will they even get to said camp? It’s both mountainous and jungle. The only realistic way in is either night parachute drop or helicopter. Yeah, you could walk in, but I doubt Dads Against ISIS is in peak physical condition and would be totally gassed before the shooting started. Cars are out of the question because you’d be seen and called in way before you got to your RP. And like you said, the first time someone gets hurt, they’re going to pack it in. IF they get off the mountain before they’re overrun.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        LOL “Dads Against ISIS”… I lost it.

    3. Yeah I’m not sure, cuz I don’t know how the contemporary soldier of fortune world works, but that sounds correct. They seem like blustering poseurs.

  6. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    *quietly sits and listens*

  7. But why the Phillipines? As mentioned above, they do indeed have a government that will probably not tolerate this… And SF has been over there doing what they do for quite a while now. They should go to the AfPak border instead. Not that that would be a good idea either.

    1. Stitch1870 Avatar

      Because they want attention, and they’re not going to do anything anyways so it really doesn’t matter what they say about their goals or where they want to go.

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    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Damn really? I’ll look into that thanks.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hey if you get the error again, please let me know what the URL that’s 404ing is please! Either comment on email me would be great. Thanks.


    Heres the james yeager video from youtube


    Theres also an AAR on Reddit. Not sure how valid it is but its detailed enough.