Some 2A bros 2A’ing

MilsimJunkie and his boys living that 2nd Amendment life:

Not bad not bad *Obama face*.  The ENDO Run Guns shirt make an appearance, ammo was burned through, foliage was perforated…. all in all a win.  Where the girls at though MilsimJunkie, come on?  These 2A sausage-fests are not what the founding fathers would want for us.  If your girls are on the sideline for moral support and camera work I’ll give you a pass this time. ;)

My other complaint, the random drum music.  When I watched it a second time, I turned the volume down and cranked up some Fetty Wap ft. Drake (remix) – Come My Way.  Much better.  Even the hook is lit AF, 2nd Amendment style:

But first off I’mma start by saying this, ayy
All headshots if you think you could take my bitch, ayy
And I’m too turnt, when I shoot, swear I won’t miss, ayy
Ba-Baby, won’t you come my way?

Run-guns-shirt-milsimjunkieSo this video as you can see is called “Gas it up”… when is “Burn it down” coming?  You know, like what tha gawd Patrick McNamara says to pump himself up.



2 responses to “Some 2A bros 2A’ing”

  1. KestrelBike Avatar

    Some of those guys need to learn forward into the recoil.

  2. There’s always “that guy” with an AK… Every group. And I bet they all try and convince him to switch to AR’s and vice versa.