Manny Pacquiao Indulges In IPSC

Shooter ready:

I don’t follow boxing, but Pacquaio seems like a genuinely nice guy.  Humble, down to earth, likes to help people etc… basically the opposite of Mayweather.  I’m not mad at Mayweather though.  He’s doing his thing alright… frankly I’d rather have Mayweather’s life more than Pacquaio’s… because YOLO.  Interesting how even though Pacquaio lost, he still raked in millions.  I wonder if he has a big gun collection in general?  Sport shooting such as IPSC is crazy popular in the Philippines, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Pacquiao-IPSCWhat do you think of his equipment?  Handgun is a Metrillo custom.  How much do they go for?  Are they worth the price?  Made in the Philippines I see.  Looks like nice machine work on them anyway.

Can Mayweather own guns, or did any of those charges for beating up women stick?

Hat tip: Rocco


3 responses to “Manny Pacquiao Indulges In IPSC”

  1. Those charges stuck. Wasn’t Floyd cooling in jail for a bit.

  2. Todd S Avatar

    Manny seems like the kind of guy you could hang around with and shoot with all day long.

  3. That gun…. in recoil… is pure pornography.