Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide To Blowing Shit Up

haha I ain’t mad at this:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalThe high speed footage is on point, and Arnold brings out some one-liners.

Would lock hands with in a greeting and get him to say “Mike, you sonofabitch“. #LifeGoals #Bucketlist



6 responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide To Blowing Shit Up”

  1. Poor Cadillac…

  2. doyletoo Avatar

    The hand lock could potentially be a bummer if your pecs are puny
    (the next shot in the Predator reference) compared to a 67 year old man….
    (which would be true for most of us)

  3. bruh bruh Avatar
    bruh bruh

    Interesting to see someone who firmly believes in civilians not owning ‘military grade weapons’ driving around his own personal tank…

    I cant stand anti-gunners that made a wealthy living off what they dispise.

  4. To think he governd California haha

  5. Arnie did a pretty good job of “blowing up” California.

  6. PUNKMAFUKA Avatar

    Arnold’s hair looks like the back of a military Velcro patch that’s been pulled and put on about 1000 times.