Homemade .38 SPL Double Barrel Derringer

Another glorious Royal Nonesuch build. Testing in the Orchid colored triblend like a boss:

1:38 – haha earbud hearing protection as usual as says he doesn’t care what you think.

7:00 – I don’t know how well a mechanix utility glove would stop an errant shard of steel… but like the earbuds they are all better than nothing I suppose.  Please tell me those are the Oakley M Frames with ballistic protection?  Did Royal Nonesuch seriously make that big of a leap in safety?  If so, shocking.

Here is a three video playlist where he discusses and builds the gun:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOHe definitely has confidence in these builds.  I’d probably be wearing a Sir Arthur Hi-Point style outfit if I was testing that type of thing.

That gun is begging for a small picatinny rail and either a red dot optic or a 8-32x Nightforce on top for trolling purposes.



7 responses to “Homemade .38 SPL Double Barrel Derringer”

  1. They’re M Frames, but the lens looks too reflective. There are a metric shit-ton of fakes on eBay of these, I’d wager he went cheap and got a set of foakleys. His old Oakleys would work fine though, all of their glasses are impact rated.

  2. rjack Avatar

    Am i the only who mouthed ” oh no” when he said he was going to use the tire as a target?

    1. +1

  3. TheBear Avatar

    Like a baws

  4. TheBear Avatar

    Also: I hope his barrels are rifled.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      They are. He talks about them and welds them in the first build video.

  5. 0:30 : [leaving the metal finish] keeps the rustic homemade look of the gun

    I wouldn’t worry too much about losing the rustic, homemade look :P