Say What You Will About ISIS But Their Recruitment Videos Are Hot

This is money:

So sneaky.  Water or land, those ISIS dudes get it done.

ISIS-Goat-Hostage-TargetPlease tell me that song was in the original video, not just in this re-upload.  Definitely topping the Jihad Billboard 50. 

There was another awesome video of their training, where they were moving around like ninjas, but sadly YouTube removed it I see.



17 responses to “Say What You Will About ISIS But Their Recruitment Videos Are Hot”

  1. Tom in Wisconsin Avatar
    Tom in Wisconsin

    I think I have found a new ring tone.

    1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar


  2. Aloha Snackbar

  3. That one part is probably the closest we will get to the beach ball scene from the American Sniper book

  4. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    A french-speaking girl is singing that song. “Au nom d’Allah” These jokers make the backpack bros above look like pros.

  5. Kestrelbike Avatar

    Hahaha that goat hostage target

  6. Mechanically Avatar

    Was the song borrowed from a middle-eastern english-speaking episode of Seasame Street? I’m reday for a nap now…

  7. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    I swear one of the guys is wearing a mid-80s Swatch watch.

    Didn’t see a Members Only jacket though.

  8. Vitsaus Avatar

    For a few of those guys this may be the most water they have ever seen at one time. And their first bath.

  9. Turner92 Avatar

    I love that goat saving target poster.

  10. Yeah a few of these douche bags tried to infiltrate Israel vie the water a while bag. The video showed that didnt work out too well for them.

  11. My god. My typing has gone to hell after a couple beers.

  12. I was laughing my ass off at their tactical dog paddling until the dude popping out at 1:40. I couldn’t help but think that any guy willing to submerge himself in that garbage/water/open latrine for this crappy video is a scary true believer who would do ANYTHING for ISIS/ISIL/NAMBLA.

    I don’t think even actual SEALs would willingly swim around in that filth for a recruitment video, even if you threw in a book deal and some wasted coed groupies.

  13. Guide03 Avatar

    Check out the buttstock position on the guy on the far right at 2:42. Clearly an experienced marksman.

  14. JoelC Avatar

    Either the knife dude is sneaking up on someone in a construction zone, or all the guards they expect to attack are deaf.

    Love the goat target. I need to buy a few of those for gifts.

  15. kevin Avatar

    Is the guy at the 1:00 mark holding a dildo or a wooden train whistle?

  16. Bro-ham Avatar

    If that’s the kind of music that excites middle eastern men to join up for the cause… daaayum.

    So the video proves ISIS has a counterpart to our SEAL teams; they have GOAT (Goat Orifice Assault Team) operators!