Moms Against Killer Robots – The Fear Is Real

VICE is on it:

Boston Dynamics and DARPA are so lit.  I can’t wait until they can program those things to kill ISIS and replace soldiers in many situations, kind of like they are doing with drone aircraft, and EOD robots right now.

Since I’m posting about a VICE video I’d be willing to put money on the fact you guys will make fun of the hipster VICE guy reporting hahah.  So predictable :P.

I can tell this whole new wave of robots is going to encounter the exact same friction guns do.  “BUT IT CAN HURT ME” type statements always being made.  Might as well just form a coalition of “moms against robots” right now and get a head start.  Bloomberg I know you creep this blog son… throw some money at some single moms trying to pay their way through college by putting them on this anti-robot thing.  Robots are the future.  Maybe as long as the engineers make the robots look organic it will be cool… make a black robot though and shit will hit the fan.

5:42 – $2.5 – $3.5M doesn’t seem like that much money for all that R&D.  I suppose a lot of it is probably from students doing it for free though as a part of their thesis etc..

6:28 – LOL my prediction is already reality… “Campaign to stop killer robots” *face palm* what a tool.

11:05 – Aaaaah damn that was so close.  The solider should have dick-checked that VICE guy with the robot and knocked the wind out of him.

14:16 – Uh… how about you do us a favor and quit producing terrorists in your country?  KTHX bro.

24:00 – Go home robot, you’re drunk!

Arghh that lady against killer robots is so obnoxious.   Girl do you even homeland security?

dont-drone-me-broBetter to have a robot and not need one then to need a robot and not have one.

The professor at the end makes some interesting points.



27 responses to “Moms Against Killer Robots – The Fear Is Real”

  1. That’s nice but I want phased plasma rifles.
    Plus these moms are lame. If I were a young mother I would want the best for my child. I’d want him to have a laser rifle, jetpack, and robot girlfriend that looks like young Erin Gray

  2. Doyletoo Avatar

    Don’t drone me bro! Ha! You’ve got your next shirt design there

    1. hextone Avatar

      +1 !!

  3. Doyletoo Avatar

    And @ 1:00 “there was s nothing the U.S. Military doesn’t develop that it doesn’t want to weaponize “. UH-DUUUHHHH!!!!
    Like saying “there’s nothing McDonald’s doesn’t cook that they don’t want you to eat”

    1. Hell they even weaponize FOOD.
      Ever eat Ham and Mothers?

    2. LMAO and so true!

  4. Its those pesky assault drones that will mess it up for everyone.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      It’s because they’re black, right?

  5. Socialkaos Avatar

    Why is it that VICE documentaries about stupid shit like “killer robots” or “the search for the ultimate drug” are always a half hour long, but they’re documentaries about stuff like “skin head veterans” or “80% lowers” are less than 5 minutes long.

  6. tincankilla Avatar

    eeek! technologeeeeeez!

    seriously, i’d rather send a remotely controlled robot into battle in some shithole country than some 19 year old from Iowa. the check on these domestically will be the same as a living, breathing soldier in an APC: a good old .50 cal.

  7. jim bob Avatar

    i bet the black robots will be sent into danger more often.

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      I just peed myself!

  8. I agree with the hippie when she says there should always be a cost to war. That concept is what defines “war”. When fighting a war, both sides are vulnerable to each other. Conversely, when we step on a spider in the bathroom, there is no cost to us, thus it is not a “war”. Killer robots take the human cost out of war.

    Having said that, I do not want to be on the side that develops this technology second.

    1. So we develop the technology first and disregard the whines of the less forward thinking.

      Morally I have no problem living in a country with Battlemechs, Attack Droids, Drones, energy weapons, and anything else giving us a clear and unfair advantage.

      1. Jim Jones Avatar
        Jim Jones

        Until you realize that it’s unlikely that the state will only use such weapons on other “others” and they will inevitably be used to tame the domestic unwashed masses. I’m not some Mennonite. You can’t stop the signal. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching the overlords to see how far they try to take it.

  9. Squirreltakular Avatar

    They have a good point about autonomous armed drones. I don’t see a reason for them ever existing. We already have removed the risk of death for the operator, so why take an additional risk in handing over the decision to kill to something that isn’t human?

  10. that “nobel prize” writer …sheesh… when she said “reciprocity in war…when you attack somebody they SHOULD have the means of responding” um no. I wanted to slap her. These stupid liberal fools who think that war should be fought on even terms…so stupid. When two belligerents are more or less equally matched, then it becomes a war of attrition, and the loss of lives increases exponentially. Technology saves lives. Improving the science and precision of killing will only result in less unnecessary loss of life and less collateral damage. On both sides of the conflict.

    1. I agree, to me it’s not against the rules of war. Send all you have, blow’em up with all the power of your army. It’s a war, after all.
      However, there is a valid point, when they say that when using drones, nobody can surrender.

      The fact that operators only see heat signatures and shadows (meaning they shoot at what looks like a target… but not always is a legitimate objective), is also a concern.

  11. Seems this article was just on time.
    Yesterday, a drone containing small amount of nuclear and chemical materials crashed into Japanese prime minister’s estate.
    We might have the rise of drone crime/terrorism at our hands…

  12. TheBear Avatar

    The implications of this shit terrifies me.

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      Shit in general terrifies me.

  13. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    “and to make the world a safer place.”

    Apparently this kid has never heard of Skynet.

  14. Asinine, in WWII entire cities were firebombed without batting an eye… Now they bitch about targeted strikes with minimal collateral and I’m supposed to respect their opinion? Wanna go back to firebombing? (yes please!)

  15. spagettigetheady Avatar

    See the problem right now is it takes a whole man to kill 1600 people with a flying mass murder remote control planes – with techmology it’s just code – which the AI can write itself someday devoid of puny flesh blobs #feels.

    This is the birth of the terminator – no way around it – and these lying mofos – my car can’t pick up a fire hydrant and hit a home run with my face.

  16. CardioBoy Actual Avatar
    CardioBoy Actual

    I fly unmanned aircraft (drones! *gasp!*) for the U.S. Military. The irrational fear that normally level-headed Americans have for UAVs/drones/robots is just that; irrational. They’re a tool, just like a gun. They can be used for good or evil depending on who is controlling it. A gun is neither good nor evil, it’s just a tool, unable to do anything by itself. A UAV is the same way.

    That evil looking Predator drone that you see is controlled at all times by a human. They very rarely fly themselves (generally an automated return to base) and NEVER to attack something. There’s fundamentally nothing different between an unmanned and a manned aircraft apart from where the pilot/operator sits. No one is up in arms about news choppers looking at people with cameras or attack aircraft bombing folk. There’s no functional difference! UAVs can simply do those jobs cheaper.

    The amount of unwarranted fear and hatred from people directed at drones is as stupid as people hating guns, and often hypocritical because a lot of those that hate drones are pro gun. How can you hate a tool that can do nothing by itself? You may as well hate a shovel.

    1. CardioBoy Actual Avatar
      CardioBoy Actual

      That being said, I would totally buy a “Don’t drone me, bro” hat or something.

  17. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    Its all fun an games as long as those robots are used on ISIS and such. It is not so much fun when the government deploys them domestically to combat riots. At this point everyone cheering for the technology will damn it when they find themselves at the receiving end.

    Having human pilots doesnt help either. These pilots kill thousands of innocents without hesitation, they will do the same with Americans when being ordered to.