Magpul Blesses The World With A Ruger 10/22 Stock

Blessings on blessings:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEODammmmmmmmmmmn!  Looks good like all of their stuff.  Would operate with.

Hopefully they get into the 10/22 magazine game now too (they are already in the Glock magazine game).  There needs to be something Magpul reliable at a cheaper price point than the Ruger BX mags.



8 responses to “Magpul Blesses The World With A Ruger 10/22 Stock”

  1. Critter Avatar

    i can die now. my life is complete.

  2. Vitsaus Avatar

    This is clearly trolling their audience. They know who their fanboys are, and this is a direct swipe at them. Bravo Magpul.

  3. Dracon1201 Avatar

    I may have to buy another 10/22.

  4. Xdm mags from magpul would be awesome some one rippable to make mags we can’t get here in CA lol
    Looks nice would have liked an msrp. In the video thought so guys won’t be asking the moon for them

  5. takedown?

  6. Now do savage m2, but I will prob pick one up.
    Thumbs up

  7. Ooooo, I like it!!!!!!!!

  8. 7point62Nato Avatar

    Hey guys! We know there is a lot of talk about a magpul 10/22 magazines- but check out the magazines from High Tower Armory. Supposedly they made from the same material as the P-mag but have steel lips and a window. Also toolless disassembly. Anyone see any of these yet? I called and asked a while back. They said sometime this summer/fall.