Polenar Tactical AK Operator Training Video Series

The Slovenian operators are raising money for a new project:

Manca-Polenar-TacticalYou can hit up the IndieGoGo campaign if you want in.  They are about half funded right now (after 1 day), so I think it’s safe to say this will end up happening.

Spoiler Alert: There is NO MANCA in the video :/  What the hell guys?  She better be in the videos themselves. :P



9 responses to “Polenar Tactical AK Operator Training Video Series”

  1. But, but… Manca was away :(

    1. Cardboard stand in

      1. Will do next time, roger that!
        I had a lifesize cardboard Hermione once, maybe I can find her in the mean time…
        – Jan

    2. jim bob Avatar

      you can’t spell american without manca.

  2. Wow, production costs are really low over there.

  3. “Better than shoothouse Puzikas!” There, a free tagline idea. Great job on the delivery/funding at such an early date.

  4. thatcreepyguyatwork Avatar

    Common guys at least have Manca in the menu screen!


    So, i mean like is Manca, you know, like his girl friend?… or sister? You know I didn’t mean nothin by it. Just wondering. I mean like we were all thinkin it.
    I’m just sayin like you know maybe she’s lookin. You know. Maybe she should like tour the US or you know like I could go to Slovenia. Just throwin that out there.
    Like that’s an option, that’s it. Didn’t mean nothin by it, I mean were cool you know…

    1. SUPERRICHGUY Avatar

      You know teach classes, like that’s what I’m talkin about. That’s it. Like, were cool.. were cool..