Interview With A Glock Engineer About The G43 Single Stack 9mm

LOL I can’t even handle this:

Glock-Single-Stack-9mm-G43Pure gold.  The guy who captioned that is a genius.  It reminds me of those Hitler Downfall videos.

If you watch one thing on the blog today, you guys have to watch this LOL.


Gat tip: Anon


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  1. Squirreltakular Avatar

    If someone said that the text was pulled from a real conversation at Glock HQ, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.

  2. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    This did it for me.

  3. ROFL a single stack tooth is more like it

  4. That was fucking classic!!

  5. Spanish Speakers, lower the volume a bit and concentrate on the captions…. even though I can’t make heads or tails what they are talking about.

  6. Big Jimmy Avatar
    Big Jimmy

    A fucking plus on this one

  7. Mechanically Avatar

    Still don’t know how Glock manages to have an identity associated with pissing on prospective customers and ignoring market demand, yet has more fanboys and defenders of their virtue than any other brand.

    Brilliant captions.

    1. Because their pistols have a reputation for being about as simple and fail safe as you can get… Yes I’m sure there are exceptions, but as for my two (19 and 17) and the who knows how many rounds I’ve put through them, they’ve never ever ever had an issue. Also they sell all their products to everyone… Thanks HK.

      1. KestrelBike Avatar

        Yeah, Mechanically’s description is really best suited towards HK.

  8. Jim JonesG Avatar
    Jim JonesG

    That was hilarious. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Glock folks are not stupid. They sold millions of .380 G42. That never would have happened if they came out with the G43 first. It’s Machiavellian as shit, and it worked. Good on them. They are in the business of making money, and it seems to be working just fine.

    1. Washington Avatar

      What do I give a shit? “Ah good for them because I know they were hurting for money?” The fuck do I care if someone is a good “businessman”

      1. derpy sir derp Avatar
        derpy sir derp

        Why should you care about Glock at all? Getting all excited or pissy about what Sig, HK, Keltec or Glock does doesn’t make any sense at all. If you get a emotional reaction to their decisions maybe that is clue that it’s time to divorce your ego from the ‘gun culture’ for a while.

        Personally I have had a single stack 9mm pistol for a long time. They are very ‘meh’. They are not really that much smaller then something like a M&P 9c or Glock 26. We are talking about less then 1/4 of a inch in difference in most cases. Also I don’t see any point to having any sort of 380 that isn’t also extremely tiny so you can hide it anywhere.

        But you know what? If Glock got my advice and did what I wanted then they would of lost a major oportunity to make millions of dollars.

  9. Quasimofo Avatar

    Great captioning – that was too funny (and probably truthier than some would admit). I remember reading somewhere that Glock sold ~200K G42s last year, which is crazy good, but probably ~75% of those sales must have been to fanbois, because, objectively, it’s nothing special. I like Glocks, and I don’t blame the company for taking advantage of the situation at all. At some point, reality will catch up, but let’s at least get some amusement out of it for the time being.

    Now, if they can come up with another captioned “Glock higher-up” discussing the best ways to evade taxes…

  10. I was confused at first. “He’s not speaking German…”

    Oh, April Fools, thanks.

  11. NotoriousAPP Avatar

    That was tits…..also reminded me that I need to get that darn shield 9mm ordered.

  12. Hilarious… and the fact that the 2 dudes are laughing hysterically makes it hard not to laugh with them… but you have to behave when you’re in the office…

  13. Car Ramrod Avatar
    Car Ramrod

    This video literally made me cry I was laughing so hard. 10mm! Haha so damn perfect.

  14. peepee Avatar

    I peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

  15. Omg. Holy shit that was funny. What he was actually talking about was funny as shit! Dude was actually talking about a restaurant he worked at (at the beach) as a helper where he was told to hang some moldy paelleras in the water at 0230 by the cook because the salt water would wash off the mold…he hung them and went to bed…and went to bed and he was also told to retrieve them when he woke up…well, when he went back mid morning, the tide had risen and all the paelleras were gone except one which was stuck in some rocks. His boss made him pay for the paelleras at 500 pesetas a piece. He said he hates the beach now. And he hates rice. Even Chinese rice. Holy crap this made my day. Shit it’s funny.

  16. Someone please tell me they grabbed a copy of this before it was taken down! Anyone know where I can find it?