Travis Haley Is So Deep I Can’t Even

Dragonfly print and some deep stuff about life:

Wat-memeWhoa.  I’ve mentioned in the past posts how deep Travis is… dude is on a whole other level.  When I see videos like this and hear people talk like Travis, despite all my accomplishments I can’t help but feel like an idiot.  Should I be thinking about stuff deeper than what kind of coffee I’m going to order tomorrow? If I’ll start to turn the heat up on Tinder again?  Should I get the smoked cheddar next time at Costco, or the old cheddar?  Maybe both + the brie because YOLO?  *ARGH get it together Mike…. you too can pick a small but important insect, create another brand and tell a story around it.*

Anyway if you like the Dragonfly print you can head to the artist’s website and cop.  The smallest size 11×14″ is only $20. If you’re cake’d up and it’s nothing to stunt, get the $1500 version (only 10 made).



9 responses to “Travis Haley Is So Deep I Can’t Even”

  1. This is why Haley is one of the best instructors around. Thinkers before shooters.

    Also, Haley has won some IPSC titles in the past (2007 or 08 was a regional championship) and doesn’t talk about it. He’s been there and done that, puts his skills on the line in competition, and still has no visible ego. I try not to fanboy, but I have a huge bro crush on him.

    1. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
      AAFES Hot Dog Guy

      As do I. My buddy and I nearly shit ourselves when we met him at HSP. And it wasn’t even at the grand opening – I was just getting a mag holster.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    I don’t fucks with no prints. Original or nuthin’. Ball or go home!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hell yeah Jim.

  3. Vitsaus Avatar

    He’s obviously getting high off his own farts now. This video reminded me of college when a girl in the freshmen dorms was explaining what her dumb tattoo “meant” and some stoned guy with dreadlocks was just nodding along going “Like totally…”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  4. Squirreltakular Avatar

    Whenever I see the HSP logo I just picture this gigantic, horrifying dragonfly with an M4 just buzzing slowly through a doorway, and the guys inside just fear-shitting their pants and dropping their weapons. It doesn’t do any good, though. He shoots them and eats them.

  5. Boy, I thought his boyfriend Chris was off the handle…

  6. Perfect since I like guns, have $1500 to spend, and don’t want to buy any more guns. Or skin care products.
    Who is this guy’s target demo?