Brady Campaign Sets Up Epic Troll Fake Gun Store In NYC

And films reactions:

LOL 1:07 a .22 revolver is their most popular gun?  Could they at least not have gave that job to a troll with some firearms knowledge.

1:26 – Ahhhhhhh that finger.

1:54 – Seriously?  finger again.

2:39 – Nice shogun that doesn’t even work, shithead.

I know some of you guys work at gun stores…  Is that pretty much ALL DAY?  Finger on the trigger and getting muzzle swept?

LOOK GUYS!  THE GUN is responsible for all those terrible things.  *eye roll* Wow…. just wow…

Troll-FaceIt always astonishes me that statistics mean absolutely nothing to a good portion of the population.  If they did, they would be more afraid of hospitals, alcohol, cars, swimming pools etc.. etc.. by a LONG shot.

Thoughts? I would have loved to see if they cut any positive reactions out of this little troll experiment. My guess is they did.

Gat tip: Krystian, Adam


94 responses to “Brady Campaign Sets Up Epic Troll Fake Gun Store In NYC”

  1. pweekles Avatar

    The irony of statistics within the context of guns is that the anti-gunners truly believe that the gun specific statistics support their side.

  2. All Vol Avatar

    ^^^^^^This guy gets it^^^^^^^^ After this video Im sure that this group will do a video explaining how our 1st amendment also needs to be restricted because people saying inflammatory things (Im looking at you Al Sharpton and Eric Holder) are responsible for deaths as well. Also a tip of the hat for the sad sappy music that they played during the video.

  3. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    Two thoughts:
    Do the same thing with all guns that were used to stop shooters and bad guys.
    WTH is GTAV voice actor doing helping the Brady Bunch. Somewhat hypocritical?

    1. Noticed that too! Well, damn. Guess I’ll take GTA 5 back! Or just refuse to play as him!

    2. Amen. Show all the guns of Police and Military that have saved lives of thousands.

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy that’s a good find LOL. That has to be embarrassing for them… Too bad publicly they’ll just brush it off.

  4. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    Wow… What a bunch of dickheads.

  5. I really wanted to see the footage the ended up getting deleted and scrubbed. The footage where someone with actual gun knowledge and common sense walked in and schooled the wannabe salesman. You know it happened. Probably even more than once. When you have a room full of editors you can remove anything and everything that does not fit into your mindless agenda. Pretty sure that is the mantra that MSNBC and CNN uses too.

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to ask in the comments, had they not be disabled…

    2. I would be shocked if they let any actual gun shoppers into the store. The dupes were most likely actors as well. Their comments and facial expressions were way too scripted.

      1. Yes. Most of them paused at the door and said hello…. or some greeting….. then continued into the room.

  6. I guarantee you 90% of the people who went in there and were then lied to about the gun’s history not only figured out the shop and it’s salesman were a scam, they also forced themselves to return back to the required ‘gun-guilt’ mentality of the typical new yorker, who after all, is supposed to cringe at the thought of guns. They came in feeling liberated and hopeful they could abide their honest feelings about being responsible for their own safety and buy a gun, but they quickly realized they were betrayed. They probably thought Cuomo or Bloomberg would swoop out of the back room and arrest them for even thinking about getting a gun. Poor morons of NYC. And typical anti-gun youtube video full of staged lies and deceipt…turning off comments like the cowards they are.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomie stepped out “To catch a Predator” style.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Ya with bodyguards, all sipping 180oz softdrinks. LOL

        1. Lol @ 180 oz softdrinks. That joke has teeth.

    2. Anyone with firearms knowledge knows best to avoid a gun shop in NYC….. just saying. Just like if I was in LA or She etc ago you won’t see me walk into any gun stores.

  7. These anti-gun groups are afraid of what the people really have to say about what they are and what they represent. Which is why they disable comments they have no forums or care to have any real open discussion with anyone. They only want to dictate what they want their minions should believe in and care about, sorry but i have my own thoughts hypocrites.

  8. Staying away from the political side, as it’s a moot point in that (as professionally as I can say this) those people (Brady) are complete tools.

    In regard to your gun store question Mike…. ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME.

    It’s actually more annoying when we’re behind a counter, and some jack wagon comes in “Hey man I need a holster for THIS! *pulls loaded revolver, clearly loaded, with finger in trigger guard, in the direction of my face*.”

    Needless to say, people usually are bewildered when I snatch the gun, promptly go in the back of the shop, clear the gun, keep the ammo, and give the gun back. Mind you, that doesn’t happen all the time, but holy shit is it annoying.

    1. ^^This guy^^ Shares the struggle. What I can’t figure out is why they think it’s okay to yank an unloaded gun out of their pants and point that at me either.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha man that would drive me insane + scare the shit out of me. They should give you hazard pay.

      1. BAHAHAHA! Hazard pay he says.

        There’s a bar right down the street to the shop, and typically the first (sympathy) round is free, as they literally see us turn more and more gray on a daily basis.

        It is especially amusing how we have a few prior service members working here (some of which have quite the impressive background), and I’ve seen quite a few knife hands dished out to negligent customers. The occasional “Sir, what in the actual fuck are you thinking?” is always a classic as well.

        1. Agitator Avatar

          I love knife-handing non-service members. It’s kind of a weird move and definitely gets people to stop whatever they’re doing.

  9. I could write a freaking book on the ridiculous things people do in a gun shop. The Costa impersonators, the brat kids who get a hold of a laser and shine it everywhere, the college-mosin-sniper, the “I want to dry fire every 10/22 45 times, then walk out the store because they aren’t match grade triggers”. One of these days I’m going to make a PSA video. “Shit not to do in a gun store, but we know you’re going to do anyways, which is why we typically drink every night, and are grouchy in the morning.”

    1. anonymoose Avatar

      I like your idea, but Colion Noir beat you to it. /k/ also made a field guide to customers and employees/sellers in gun shops and gun shows, but I don’t remember what happened to the screencaps.

      1. I was thinking more of a Lewis Black take on it….

      2. “I wish a motherfucker would…” types. They make us all look bad.

  10. Harm Uden Avatar
    Harm Uden

    Sandy Hook was a hoax. Had to get that out of the way.

    These sound like stories of criminals or irresponsible people. Not the guns fault.

  11. Let’s do one about cell phones: Apple iPhone 4s – This phone was used by a teen to send a text to her mom while she was driving, she swerved out of her lane and slammed into a concrete divider.

    Or alcohol: This vodka is the drink of choice by college kids… last year this exact brand was responsible for 23 alcohol related deaths.

    1. More like THOUSANDS. Thats the fucking irony in all this… vehicles and alcohol kill far, far more people than firearms (especially rifles).

  12. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    The .22 revolver almost looks plastic

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Seeing as it’s NYC, and the shotgun was suspicious as well I’m guessing these are all “props”

      1. DinoRidingArab Avatar

        You’re right the bolt doesn’t even go back. Unless they somehow pinned it, looks fake to me.

      2. AKATALCUL1 Avatar

        They are indeed, all props. Many of them are also still illegal under NYC law [yep, props too!] without prior paperwork on public record, signed off on by Sheriff’s Dept. How has nobody made a citizen’s arrest yet and let these assholes feel THAT side of the law, too? I see a handful of felonies hanging on that wall.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          An ENDO blog reader who I keep in contact with off-blog, works for an NYC based prop company. Brady Campaign has jumped through the proper hoops in the past, I’m sure all this is above board too.

          1. AKATALCUL1 Avatar

            Damn…there goes my daydream of being a hero.

          2. Yeah I was laughing my ass off when the “12 gauge shotgun” didn’t even cycle. Like, ok, if you’re going to fear monger in NYC at least use weapons *available* in NYC… not some SBR’d full auto Uzi I can’t even afford in a free state.

            Then again, I’m sure it’s “beneath them” to use real guns, because they would never advocate the use of one, even in a youtube video.

    2. And was a 45 long colt, not a .22

  13. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    “This Toyota camry was used to plow down five people in Canada. Then it was reimported back into this country. This is evidence in a crime, you still sure you want to buy it?”

    “Then what the hell are you doing with it you maniac?”

    And the guns were not only fake they were mislabeled. One thing that he said was a 45 was clearly a 22.

  14. Disabled comments. One sided argument. OBVIOUS actors.


    More appeals to emotion and no relevant facts


  15. What a crock. Not only are plenty of those guns on the wall illegal in nyc, facsimiles/imitation firearms are illegal in NYC except for licensed movie prop companies. The whole thing is fake.

  16. My guns history consist of having fun at the shooting range with my friends, family and fiance while making memories. Then responsibly storing it in a safe manner at home, but still accesible by me in case of the unlikely but ever present event that someone tries to cause harm to myself or my lady. Pretty awful and dangerous stuff, right?

  17. Nehemiah Avatar

    I work at a gun range in Davie, Florida. Everyday its the same thing, new shooters on the range and you are being swept with the muzzle, telling people not to point the gun at themselves, to keep the finger off the trigger, giving bandaids out to slide by victims, the same victims who claimed to know what they are doing. Same thing everyday and it gets annoying, fast!

    1. Shitty trigger discipline + killer ghost gun = DEAAATTTHHHHHH!!!!

      You’d think that with all this bad behavior there would be thousands dying every day, what with guns these days always wanting to shoot stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to chase after and tackle my 1911 as it tried to murder someone.

  18. “Comments have been disabled for this video” Alway’s the running theme when you won’t here the other side of the debate.

  19. Thomas Sample Avatar
    Thomas Sample

    exploitation of the uneducated.

  20. StrelokX16 Avatar

    If only they put silencers on all of those firearms, then maybe the people that used them to murder innocent people wouldn’t have heard cries for the blood of the innocent emanating from each firearm. Everyone knows that children especially, are particularly susceptible to hearing those cries. Guns can’t kill people on their own, they require a host to latch on to. Once one finds a host with its blood calls, that’s when things go bad. So remember guys, in an effort to preserve life and freedom, silence your weapons.

  21. What I noticed. The first pistol showed was not a .22 long rifle. It looked to be a .38 caliber being a ruger Blackhawk a 357 magnum. Watch it again and look at the bore of the muzzle and the cylinder. These idiots were clueless.

  22. This has to be scripted. Real people are not stupid.

    1. Generally, people aren’t “stupid” as much as they are gullible. MANY gun buyers, especially first time ones, aren’t educated. Not to mention this whole entrapment scheme simply plays off peoples emotions; most people have empathy. “You wouldn’t buy this gun that was used to murder 17 babies and 9 defenseless elderly, WOULD YOU?!” I mean shit, I wouldn’t. But I’d buy the brand new Glock next to it.

  23. Kyle Fallon Avatar
    Kyle Fallon

    What jerks in what I imagine, was a heavily edited video. I am sure there were gun savvy people that did not fall for it. They certainly would not have fallen for any of it where I am from. Phoney statistics too. <

  24. If the gun is responsible for all those things then how the hell did it end up in your store? LOL

  25. Did any COPS come in to buy a gun? Guess they would have cut that out anyway.

  26. Chucky Jonson Avatar
    Chucky Jonson

    For those who this video enraged.

    1. #MERICA. Fuck yeah, Kiowas! That little bird is cool, but Kiowas are the shit.

  27. Ryan Dickinson Avatar
    Ryan Dickinson

    This is literally the biggest pile of bullshit i have ever watched.. all from irresponsible gun owners leaving loaded guns within reach of children and people that are just straight up crazy!!! Guess what crazy people are still going to get guns if they want them. Fuck this bull shit!!

  28. If I ever pick up a gun in a shop and they tell me it was from a prior crime, my next question is “So, do I get a discount?”.

    1. hextone Avatar

      “Mass shooting? Sounds like heavily used, what’s your best price?” Haha

  29. I love how the beginning is with a “.22 revolver,” but if you look at the muzzle and cylinder when the yuppie guy is holding it, it’s got to be a .38/.357; this guy is a moron. And this entire video is bullshit. All they point out are the bad things that have happened from guns. But not once do they talk about the female college freshman who saved herself from getting raped and possibly killed one night walking from class. Or the young couple who was walking around their town, and protected themselves from the mugger(s) trying to steal their valuables and possibly kill them. Or the husband, and father of four, who protected his whole family with a legally owned shotgun when 4 thugs broke in their front door in the middle of the night.

    Etc, etc, etc . . . .

  30. HideeHideeHo Avatar

    “Every gun has a history. Let’s not repeat it.”
    Yeah, like those used to fight against the British in the Revolutionary War.

    “It made me think twice, and I would not buy one.”
    If your mind has changed because someone told you an irresponsible gun owner left their loaded gun out in the open resulting in an accidental death, then maybe it’s best you don’t get a gun because you are probably one of those people. If your mind has changed because someone told you a criminal illegally obtained a gun and killed people with it, then maybe you shouldn’t procreate because if you did and you found yourself in need of a gun, your child(ren) would probably end up dead.

    1. NRA needs to make a follow-up video with guns that saved people. -Including mil surps.

  31. I’ve been around guns for over 30 years and despite these customers being from NY, NONE of these people are similar to anyone I’ve seen that’s interested in just walking in a gun store one day and buying a gun.. Their lack of knowledge and training, none of them ask about legalities, their obvious reactions… all scripted. So yesterday there’s no store and today, tada! Store!

    1. I seriously think they hired like 50 extras from Craigslist and told them, “Walk into the store and ask to buy a firearm. Say ‘It’s for protection’. We’ll give you a hundred bucks.” Some of the reactions were genuine, but you can tell none of these people were in to guns, let alone wanted to buy one.

  32. “So this gun killed somebody? Yep,”hmm…So it works”

  33. David Thompson Avatar
    David Thompson

    If those were real guns, multiple felonies were committed.

  34. thats the guy who plays Michael on GTA V??

  35. Take a wander over to Ned Luke’s facebook page. A lot of people are calling out his hypocrisy. I’m guessing he’s keeping his quiet until the check from The Brady Campaign clears. But he’ll likely respond with a “Cartoon violence” quote like good ol’ Liam Neeson. It seems everyone has principles until someone shows up with some money to get you to say otherwise.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      Wow. I didn’t catch that the first time I saw the video. Did the Bradys purposefully seek him out and offer him salvation for his GTA V sins? What was he thinking? What were they thinking? There are so many failures of logic in this equation, my head just might explode.

  36. Sir Loin Avatar

    wouldn’t most of the aforementioned guns be in a police evidence locker? How naive are people in NYC?

    1. They’re all props. Check the “12 Gauge Shotgun” that doesn’t even cycle. Also the SBR Uzi lmao.

  37. & they turn comments off on the youtube page cuz they know this is total slanted. how many of these guys have saved a life and stopped a criminal in his tracks with the intent to so much worst then these cased of mis-storage or crazy fools

  38. Would have loved to see an undercover cop come in and actually buy a gun or two….

    1. HA HA that would have been epic.

  39. This video makes me mad so many people buy guns without knowing proper useand safety i believe no matter how young or old you are if safety is beat in your head and your shown multipletimes (which every parent should do) teach them its not a toy its bulky its metal and it shoot projectiles and that they should fear being near or using a gun becuase at any moment it can mess up so instead of buying a gun lay it in a spot you think is safe your wrong it should be atleast 3 to 5 feet above a childs head that way you know it cant be reached or be smart buy a 2 sec finger scan gun case i know this becuase my uncle is a traveling gun show and they have had some incidents where guns have gone of one in particular almost killed someone becuase an idiotwas loading a single .22 round into random guns at the show a guy pointed it up and put a hole in the roof knowing that it should not have been loaded stuff happens so instill in your familys head how to properly usea fire arm and when theres no clip or rounds in the weapon you still keep them scared theres a round in the chamber and to never point at aperson unless your are being hurt by them my daughters 2 and she shot her first gun today (9mm carbine)

    1. Punctuate much? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    2. No punctuation, 1 full text block. Unreadable.
      That’s SYDSHATY.

  40. This politician OK’d a drone strike in Syria that killed 13 civilians and 1 militant. Aren’t you sorry you voted for him/her?! AREN’T YOU?!
    They need to cease fire on the guilt trip already. I wonder how many Brady Campaigners voted for Barack, the king of drone strikes? How many use gasoline imported from authoritarian regimes that imprison the opposition (lookin at you, Saudi). How many of them drive a sedan, the most popular and most deadly vehicle on American roads, responsible for more deaths than all firearms combined?

    By their logic we all have blood on our hands. It’s so goddamn hilarious and outrageous that I can only laugh.

  41. kenneth Avatar

    Anti gun people still expect police to make it to their homes in time to save them wise people know better, and one of the main reasons they won’t make it is because they are too busy harassing innocent people

  42. if they did a version of this but with cars…

  43. Robocopter Avatar

    That pump action shotgun’s breach didn’t even open when he pumped it… The store owner has no clue about guns.

  44. when you go into the feed store does the guy behind the desk tell you that the fertilizer you are buying was used in a ied at the trade center?
    when you take a flight for your vacation does the attendant tell you how the same type plane was used to murder thousands in new York city?
    when you buy a car do they tell you that more cars are used to kill people than guns are?
    my point is this. they blame guns because they are scared of them!!! not because they are the problem

  45. Gun Store Guy “This super-mega-auto-loading-sniper-rifle-mini-gun was used is X horrible event to kill XX people”

    Me “so that means it is reliable. Guess your gonna charge me a premium for that?”

  46. I don’t argue with anti-gun people anymore. I simply ask them about the rest of their Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights. “Why do you need freedom of speech? Shouldn’t we give that one up, too?” “So what if the government wants to search your house. If you don’t have anything to hide it shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, who are you afraid of?” “Why do you really *need* due process?” They generally find my questions to be as ludicrous as they honestly are, and they should. But they maintain their logical and intellectual inconsistencies, rightly affirming, say, the 15th and 19th Amendments securing the rights of all eligible US citizens to vote, but actively working to abrogate the Constitutionally-guaranteed civil right to keep and bear arms. It’s not a gun issue. It’s a civil rights issue, and when one civil right falls the rest are sure to follow like dominos.

  47. Of course the comments and vote up or down functions are disabled on this video.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Since they 100% know people are going to counter-troll them on every available platform I don’t know why they don’t just let it happen on YouTube and take the increased exposure from it.

  48. hmm funny how that back wall is filled with “assault weapons” and the evil 30 round magazines…all illegal under the ny safe act…this guy should be arrested for felony weapons possession, probably wont happen though haha ridiculous how hypcritical these people are..

  49. Scare tactics work, just like negative ads and news work better than positive ones. I just find it ridiculous for a couple reasons, first being that they didn’t show one case where a gun was used to save a life, and 2, they got a guy that looks and sounds like GTA5 character Michael De Santa. You could do this exact same thing but show a gun that tells a story about someone using it to save their own, or someone else’s life, and could get the a more positive reactions from people.

    Also these people where all clearly actors.

    1. Liquid Wolf Avatar
      Liquid Wolf

      Dude, He doesn’t just look and sound “like” him, He IS him. That’s Ned Luke.
      The dickheads at Brady actually used the same actor that played Michael Desanta.

  50. Dreadnought Avatar

    Wait…..Aren’t several of those “Assault” Rifles they have on display illegal to possess in NYC?? Or at least their magazines?

    1. Dreadnought Avatar

      And how do guns INCREASE your risk of homicide or suicide?


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If you read one if my comments above, there’s basically a 100% chance those are props. I know a guy who works for the prop company who they hired multiple times in the past.

    2. As much as I hate to say it, no one is going to jail over this. This was nothing but a commercial produced by an ad agency. The storefront, the guns, the “customers”, ALL FAKE. The only thing they are guilty of is rank hypocrisy.

  52. I own a few guns. I shoot them often. My girlfriend (sorry, Mike) owns three times as many guns as I do. I say that, because the one thing anti-gunners get right is the comparative suicide rate. And I only have one comeback to that- I’m not suicidal, and just because the suicide rate is high does not justify the removal of my right. These guys seriously cannot do the math.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I LOL’d at “sorry Mike” then I was like :(. Haha. I agree, they just twist and mold everythig to make it fit their agenda.