Splitting An Arrow With A Gun Plus Thirst Struggles

Kirsten Joy Weiss gets into Character and pulls out the Anschutz:

Kirsten-Weiss-Dat-AnschutzWhenever I blog about KJW all the feminists and white knights come out of the woodwork to defend that she’s STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN not an object.  Yea I get it, and I agree.. but damn seriously guys.. can’t a blogger make a few sexually suggestive jokes without being reamed out? *pause*  Kirsten knows I’m a joker, we’ve talked through email.  Since I went off on that rant, and my iced tea is ready I’m going to keep the in-post thirst to a minimum, and quench it with the iced tea instead.  Let me just say I’m not mad at that outfit & would right swipe in Tinder and take kayaking. Ah hell, let me slip a Drake quote in too – “What if I pick you up from you house? We should get out, we haven’t talked in a while we should roll, see where it goes / I saw potential in you from the go. You know that I did.” LOL KJW = #ShootingMadonna



4 responses to “Splitting An Arrow With A Gun Plus Thirst Struggles”

  1. TheBear Avatar

    Kirsten is pretty cool and is a good sport about everything.

    That said, some dudes are just creepy as fuck.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Calling out White Knights eh? I like you even more now Mr. ENDO.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      And you use some Rich Boy memes. Throws some D’s on that bitch son!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha thanks Jim