ISIS Ninja’d Up And Training For War


I decided to keep the shit talking to a minimum in this post.  I’m not out here trying to get merc’d… we know these ISIS dudes don’t play.  Killing people over cartoons and shit.  I will however note timestamps of interest, and make astute observations:

0:10 – Dude on the left with the sneak dare-to-be-different move over the fence and into the former flowerbed.  I see you.

0:23 – Real Camouflage.  So hot for 2015.

0:33 – Punching ceramic tiles.  Crucial combat skill for sure.

0:37 – Ceramic tile head break.  Another TIER 1 maneuver.  Islamic Home Depot must love these guys, constantly sending yung Abu there for the re-up.

0:44 – Oh damn a forward roll OVER the rifle, with the pickup and foot-steady to aim?  These guys!  Sheeeeeiiiiit.

1:00 – Squad. Rollin deep.  Back to fucking back all white hanging out the window not giving a shit.  Reppin Allah to the fullest.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme1:25 – The Islamic Napoleon Dynamite.  The red filter and gaussian blur edges really took it to the next level for me.  Stay woke.  THE SPLITS at the end of this segment even.  I’m impressed.

1:54 – Squad out on the training farm, practicing those forward rolls over a levee.


Gat tip: addyyoon


37 responses to “ISIS Ninja’d Up And Training For War”

  1. woohoo… they know a white belt taekwondo pattern now. So does my 6 year old neighbor. I’m just as scared of that child as I am these douchecanoes. Can we kill them yet?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  2. There is a very interesting insight on this video, from a PSYOPS point of view on
    Not spoiling the conclusion of Mad Duo Merrill, but he simply says that these videos are made this way on purpose. They know who their target audience is.

    They are just “tacticool” enough to attract new, lonely recruits looking for self-esteem and social recognition (they always show platoon-sized crews training, saying “hey we’re a bunch of badass warriors, come on in!”), and ridiculous enough for viewers educated in war and fighting to be led to underestimate them.

    Not to be taken at face value.

    1. Mechanically Avatar

      I’m glad you mentioned that article, I think there’s a lot of marketing happening here that our culture doesn’t understand.

      1. Precisely. Part of me laughed at the vid, part of me was chilled.

        These guys are marketing themselves as the power rangers for lonely would-be terrorists.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That is interesting! I read it last night after you posted the link. Good stuff.

  3. fuck endo Avatar

    Pussy..fuck you fuck all muslims and fuck isis

    1. No please. Speak your mind, Inshallah.

    2. GreenMountain Human Avatar
      GreenMountain Human

      Fuck you as well. No need to be a bigot, little troll. Be a real man and don’t support bigotry or racism. Troll douche. Why say fuck all Muslims? They could be your next neighbor, don’t hate.

      1. fuck endo Avatar

        fuck you to asshole my neighbors are white and atheist

  4. don’t ever ever ever ever suppress your freedom of speech because of what these pussy isis fags might do.
    this is america and we will make fun of anyone we want!!!

    1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

      Sarcasm man… SARCASM.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha no doubt

  5. Bad Bobabooee Avatar
    Bad Bobabooee

    We’re not the target market. This is obviously stupid shit that doesn’t work but to some dumb ignorant 16 YO Muj wannabe this is attractive. Whats worse is right now there’s a young male or female right here in the US who never got enough attention from Mommy and Daddy is watching this and thinking finally I found my purpose in life. This war isn’t going to end, it’s just beginning.

  6. hakid amusement park Avatar
    hakid amusement park

    The fact that it takes all of the kings horsemen just to put the middle east back together again kinda proves that either A: these are 30,000 of the most stone cold killers in history or they keep making more just good enough killers to keep going.

    Either way, alot of dead bodies and jdams are in the mix.

    Certainly doesn’t help that their pope is like all kill whitey and we are holding our tongues about who we are fighting – the boiled down, simplest form of Muslim.

  7. Socialkaos Avatar

    Derpy tacticool YouTube videos just like our derpy tacticool videos .

  8. Chuck in IL Avatar
    Chuck in IL

    1: Assign problem to the Marine Corp.
    2: Fully fund the expedition
    3: Get the fuck out of the way
    4: Welcome home the Marine Corp.

    1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

      *CORPS… Jesus Christ. Its not the Marine Corporation.

      1. Mechanically Avatar

        Thank you.

      2. Some Venture Capital Guy Avatar
        Some Venture Capital Guy

        Actually, that gives me an utterly badass idea…

  9. Squirreltakular Avatar

    I wish there was a way to make Russia pissed at these guys. I’d love to see them wreck house.

    1. You mean like how they did back in the 70s-80s… that house that got wrecked was theirs. Russia is only scary to us. And Germany.

      1. Nigguh pweeze.
        Soviet command didn’t know WTF they were doing in Afghan, didn’t know how to fight any war but the WW3, so they used VDV shock troops as line infantry and did all kinds of dumb shit at high level. Even then, Russian soldiers racked up to 90k confirmed combatant kills vs. 15k losses.
        Then 2 Chechen wars. Again, soviet policy selling out the finest war wins.
        tl;dr we know how to fight jihadis.

        Also, do you know any other army that has fuel-air explosive missiles on all levels of armament, down to fireteams armed with hand-held Hellfire equivalents as per standard loadout? RPO is the mujaheddeen express – one ticket to Allah for up to a platoon. In You should see it wreck house – it’s a sight to behold. Фа USMC caught up to that only in ’04 with SMAW-NE.

  10. This reminds me of those awesome 90s Militia training videos you could buy from Paladin Press back in the day. That and man, that big convey looks like a great target for an A-10 strafing run. IF ONLY…

  11. Yeah, the general consensus here is that this is just the jihad version of the “instructors” we see posted off youtube and what not each day. Only difference is the music.

  12. Bad Bobabooee Avatar
    Bad Bobabooee

    Chuck, I know you meant well and it was obviously a typo but please do not defile my beloved Marine Corps. That will earn you 20 pushups. I’ll count the cadence, you count the reputation starting positions ready begin.

  13. I hope uncle sugar gives us the green light to go to work. I’m tired of these fuck heads

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      +1 to that.

  14. Yeah – it’s pretty silly. The comments about target marketing are very interesting. We have a long military history, however, of being asleep and ignorant (or making dumb strategic mistakes) and then when we become aware of the enemy we completely overestimate him. Hopefully that is true here. I think we’re going to need many more dumb strategic mistakes before these people really become a significant threat – significant in terms of threat to the nation.

  15. HOW did our drones NOT see a quarter mile of white SUVs slow rolling a shitty ass highway in terrorist-istan? seriously ‘bama, devote all resources wasted with the NSA on legit enemies, paint these asshats with a targeting laser, and drop a JDAM on their toyota technicals.

  16. HOW did our drones NOT see a quarter mile of white SUVs slow rolling a shitty ass highway in terrorist-istan? seriously ‘bama, devote all resources wasted with the NSA on legit enemies, paint these asshats with a targeting laser, and drop a MLRS on their toyota technicals.

  17. Oh man, thanks ENDO Mike…

    Caught that shit on BBC (the good one) this AM while taking a shit. After a 12 hour day slingin’ soda your timestamp comms had me ROFL…I saw that sneaky bugger too. It appears to be taken down now.

    I say we just keep poking fun of these goat rope cowards until they come to our doorstep.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha glad you got a laugh. I found another on YouTube and re-embedded!

  18. Dangit, gone.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I found another on YouTube and re-embedded!

  19. This shit is funny, BUT we shouldnt forget these are the same guys that plant IED’s and behead people. Some of the comments I read reminds me of that scene from “The Pacific” where that one recruit says he wants to “slap a Jap”.

  20. balais Avatar

    My thoughts?

    They ought to face a lean, mean American airborne infantry unit and see if their appearances can protect their hides from well-aimed fire and maneuver.

    Although I hear the SAS are having a hayday with ISIS right now

    Im okay with that end result…