Shot To The Dome To Test Bulletproof Helmet

Hopefully a hoax.  Probably not a hoax though:

Russians be crazy.  What’s the filming location normally for?  Is that was self storage looks like in Russia? Haha maybe the guy was planning on hiding the body behind one of those doors if things went bad.  Probably two bodies, because he wouldn’t want to leave a witness (camera man).  $10 says he would have picked the door behind the weeds.  That’s definitely the most inconspicuous door.  That red one just screams nuclear weapons and bodies.

Russian-Bulletproof-helmet-testOn a semi-related note, if you’re an ENDO OG, you’ll remember the post on where a muddy road was fixed with discarded AK-47 mags in Russia.



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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was “real.” Those K6 helmets are supposed to be pretty baller, and the shooter says he’s got a Nagant revolver. If it’s your standard Nagant revolver, it’s chambered in 7.62x38mmR, which can be a little more powerful than .380 ACP–assuming they didn’t underload the cartridge itself.

  3. In my best Russian accent: Is not dangerous. Is helmet.

  4. Nagant revolver: The official gun of shooting Russians in the head.

  5. The rednecks will have something new to try, “here hold my beer, I’ll be right back.”

  6. I give you the next training fad for the US. Next year: Jostling while shooting students in the head. You wouldn’t understand. Safety is for amateurs.

  7. ZeLithuanian Avatar

    Endo, this is not self storage, its garages. Usual shit in post-soviet countries when you have garage few miles away from your home. you take bus to get to garage :D

  8. Apparantly a hoax. I guess the reasoning I read boils down to some weird delay in the gunshot/impact/flash sequece and the fact that the geometry of the visor would have pulled his head down on impact. Those are some bad ass helmets though. Inch thick glass visor.