Combative Stance And Absorbing A Stern Jostle

Had to switch the flow up on you triggaz shit was getting too predictable:

haha @ “Jerry Maculik” then “Mr. Manulik” in the intro roll. Not sure if trollin’

Ugh 1:14 in and it’s still scrolling… you could have at least entertained me and did it Star Wars style and put some music with it. *smh*

1:44 – Now we get to the video finally where he’s punk’ing these guys with their initial shitty stances.  Apparently filmed then, some hipster Instagram filter was applied to the video.  OOOOooooo was it X-Pro II?  I LOVE X-PRO II.

2:17 – Awwww shit proper combative stance.  Done absorbed all that push, and channeled it into a quick shuffle.

2:52 – Stern jostles are about to happen.  How long until someone hits the ground on a jostle and puts a round up through a jostler’s chin?

3:12 – A trip on the sly even… this is prison rules.

3:27 – Yep there’s that fall I was predicting.  Lucky the trigger wasn’t pulled, but more importantly the jostler had his hands up to block the round.  That is KEY.

So there you have it guys.  Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be YEAR OF THE JOSTLE.  If you missed the first tactical jostle vid check it out.

Proper-Combative-Stance-Stern-JostleIf I was going to pick a jostle so far I believe these guys in this post, from Trident Tactical Solutions meet my needs.  It’s still real early in the year though, I don’t want to be hasty and train with only the 2nd jostlers I’ve seen… it’s a free market and people are real creative, I can hardly wait.  These guys definitely have a good thing going with the instagram video filter too… I bet jostle competition jacks that idea ASAP.


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22 responses to “Combative Stance And Absorbing A Stern Jostle”

  1. Two things: I was in real life combat in trashcanistan in 2004, then again in 2011. Though there were bullets, explosions, rock slides, and RPGs (don’t worry, Brian Williams batted them down with asbestos oven gloves), there was no appreciable jostling. Guys who were in Iraq, was there jostling?

    Second thing, anyone who talks shit about competition is a fraud. “Well, he’s a speed shooter” is the mating call of the guy who sucks at shooting. Why is it bad that I make my hits faster than you? If you’re so badass, lets see you on the clock.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah Brian Williams. Yea I thought that shit talking was interesting too.

  2. I was in Iraq, no jostling in actual operations, however, if you took the last rip-it from the chow hall….

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      There was no jostling, but the feather duster sneak attacks were brutal. IDK what bird’s feathers they make those things out of, but holy crap did they make me sneeze. A buddy of mine got put out of action for three days due to hives all over his face.

  3. Jason Pike Avatar

    Im actually the owner of TTS. I am also a former US Navy SEAL which you may see on youtube under the Stolen Valor video for Trident Tactical. Please feel free to verify my DD-214. I find it interesting how so many people on the internet know so much. Civilians and basic infantry usually. Any former spec ops that can prove it with documentation?

    The purpose of this video is to increase ones ability to stay on their feet, Shoot and move accurately. I have also been in Iraq. Do you think the only issue you have as a defensive shooter is a human being? You can trip over anything. A stable platform is needed for all defense, shooting and hand to hand.

    Competition shooting and defensive shooting are not even in the same category.

    So for those that felt to make a comment please feel free of telling us your background? Civilian? Basic infantry? Internet commandos?

    Thank you and have a great day gents.

    Jason Pike

    1. Mechanically Avatar

      Uh oh, appears his feelings got a little jostled there.

      Sorry about that.

      -admitted intenet commando

    2. thebronze Avatar

      I sure as Hell wouldn’t take any training from your company. There are PLENTY of other Special Operations guys that are now instructing (Pat MacNamara, Kyle DeFoor, etc.) that someone can get QUALITY, Non-Derp training from, without giving guys like this your money.

      Caveat Emptor…

    3. There is a new article up on you today again for your feelings to get jostled on. LOL

  4. Jason Pike Avatar

    Not at all my friend.

    Everyone has their opinion even those who have no background. However just like myself even with my background I sit down and break everything down before I make a comment to ensure what I say is accurate and true.

    There are many who have served and never ran into an issue of needing a real combative stance. That’s great. So the natural mindset is why do this? Most combat we will never need this but we always evolve. We always must become better and prepared. Did we run into situations to where we ran into threats entering a home? Yes we did and a good stance as show kept us on our feet.

    safety? This is why we teach a high port instead of a low port. Even though I moved my head The shooter muzzle never swept anyone. Nor would we have placed him in this situation if he could not have handled it.

    Bullying? I don’t call preparing those who Choose to join this class being bullied. There are reasons behind every word, every push.

    I find it interesting that an admitted Internet Commando has such knowledge in tactics that he would entertain his members. I find it also interesting that so many others with little or no background have so much to say yet have never stepped into true dynamic shooting.

    Your post on your site represent you and your character. That is why it is so important to ensure you make sure you are correct. The ones who side with you in such hate are also the ones who will turn on you when times are tough.

    To each their own gentleman no harm no foul.

    Have a great day and God bless.

    Jason Pike
    Trident Tactical Solutions

    1. I was just a leg. National Guard at that. I have a lot of respect for you bearded types. Learned a lot about designated marksman stuff from bearded guys at Chamkani firebase.

      That said, I’ve been competing “seriously” for about a year with USPSA and multi gun. I’m a better shot now than I ever was in the service. About 90% of what the army teaches is wrong (including their aversion to high port). I don’t see how jostling teaches you to keep your feet any more than learning to shoot and move. Or introducing stress in the form of PT to make shooting harder. Or using a timer and recording hits to track progress (the way us dumb competitors do).

      I’m seeing more and more videos of carbines at ten yards and pistols at five, students hosing away while being jostled or shouted at. Are hits recorded? Do the hits even matter to some instructors? I guess I’m not seeing what’s being taught and what metric is used to show mastery of skills.

      Thanks for your service, and thanks for being far more cordial in your response than I would have.

      Former grunt, current gun golfer

    2. Jim Jones Avatar

      Oh c’mon man. It’s the internet. If you can’t have a sense of humor about this stuff, life is going to be long and boring. As a fitness enthusiast and a life-long lifter, I have learned many things from many disciplines, many of which I have incorporated in my general fitness routine. I see firearms training in very much the same way. There are a lot of different training methods and theories, as well as many trainers, and we can probably learn something valuable from a lot of them. Am I likely to encounter jostling in any given self-defense scenario? Not really. Is it a good idea to train in ways that take me out of my comfort zone and my usual routine? Absolutely. Running sprints between firing shots is not likely to occur IRL. However, I think that it would be extremely beneficial to me to train under conditions of high stress, much like the jostling that you teach.

      Where you went wrong, IMHO, is when you started parroting your credentials like one of the “Only Ones”. That’s the thing about firearms; they are one heck of a force equalizer. Even with all your training, you could have been taken out by a lowly 12-year old afghan kid waiting for a pot-shot ambush. ENDO Mike is no battle-forged warrior. He’s a funny dude who makes dope t-shirts. He wasn’t hating on you, he was just giving you a good ribbing. You’re being that dude who takes things way too seriously (0-100 real quick!) when everyone is just joking around. I get that you are trying to build a brand, but you could have just come here, had a laugh, and invited us to train at your facility to see if we think it’s still lame. Instead, you are edging dangerously close to the Streisand Effect.

  5. raisedby_dogs Avatar

    lol “basic infantry”.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah SO basic.

      1. raisedby_dogs Avatar

        Bish, yo infantry basic.

  6. Jason Pike Avatar

    No disrespect brother. We all had our place as warriors. Each with their own tasking and neither are greater.

    God bless.

  7. Jason Pike Avatar

    Absolutely our shots are recorded. That is what this teaches. Stability and engaging while sending effective rounds down range.

    A lot of the videos are hard to show when we shoot far out so that is one reason why we train close. Another is the basics dont have to be taught far out. It doesn’t matter how far it remains the same.

    We do classes further that require further shooting but we only have so much time in classes to show what is working for them and not. If we have to stop and walk 100 yards each volley it takes to long and takes away from their training.

    With that being said the only way to know your weaknesses are to push yourself to that point rather it be your accuracy, speed, stance, performing under stress.

    Training is where we learn to fail. Only then can you grow.
    If you are not failing yin training you cannot grow as a shooter.

    You say you’ve become faster? How many rounds have you thrown to get there? Same principal.
    The video appears brutal, bullying. We are very laid back and teach On a very professional level.

    Lie I said you may never need this training. We are completely a defensive training site. My job is to push shooters safely and respectably to their limits.

    If you watch right before I trip the shooter I tell him to get his balance back. The trip we intention by me. He did a great job overall but allowed himself to lose focus on his stance when he had to do a magazine exchange.

    treining is where you want to fail.

  8. Jason Pike Avatar

    I have a sense of humor and I understand where the discussion comes from but not one of those comments were joking.

    Second had I not said what I was each and every one would have had something else smart to say. That’s the Internet.

    There’s a difference in professional discussions versus bashing and this was intended to bash.

    Either way no worries at all. We have a closed group of about 400 on Facebook if yall like good conversation about life and training. Nothing special except the people.

    Yo join but I am a Christian. We don’t curse or disrespect one another.

    Hope to see yall there.

    FB closed group: Trident Tactical Solutions.

  9. MallNinjaGoldStatus Avatar

    In my view, any instructor that is willing to push me in front of a firearm muzzle is not worth being around. I suspect the counter to this view would be something about big-boy pants and firearms are inherently dangerous. My counter-counter would be that, yes, firearms are inherently dangerous. Therefore, the protocol I follow will do everything it can to minimize risk. Willfully moving into the path of a firearm is not minimizing risks.

  10. Jason Pike Avatar

    The initial pushes were dry. No ammo. They went hot when it was one person as shown in video.

    Please read the video description on YouTube. That was the first and only time in our training that a barrel has ever passed another.

    There were no sweeps in the second part of the life fire training.

    Again your choice to do whatever you like. Agree or disagree with me.

    Please also view any of my videos and find one sweep or unsafe act besides the described sweep in the YouTube video.

    My last post gents. You can sit around and bash people or go see what we really do. Then make your judgements.

    As former soldiers I expect more from us.

    Take care.

  11. I can see why that making up only 15% of SOCOM how you guys end up taking 80% of the casualties in special operations. Unit members give you guys a wide berth for a reason cause you promote shit like this.

  12. Ok. I was done commenting, but I watched another video. “Proper Magazine Exchange”. Mr Pike shoots ” 25 degrees” offset from another instructor, a distance of about five feet by his own description. Shooting LIVE ROUNDS at his co-instructor. Nope. Just nope. There’s no reason at all to do this. None. Massive risk for no reward. You could do the 21 foot drill with your co-instructor standing 90 degrees and rushing from a safe angle. Or just spend $250 on hardware store parts and build a 21-foot drill rolling target and have zero humans at risk. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Tueller Drill” target schematics online for free.This is another Sonny Puziakas accident waiting to happen.

    Also, at the end of the jostling video, the student’s muzzle goes 180 degrees up to the sky. What if he’d cranked off a round–or even if there’d been a slamfire and a projectile left at a 30-degree angle? What if that bullet came down in the postman, or little Timmy, or someone’s windshield. Talk about a rectal exam! I hope you’re insured. This can’t end well. The “big-boy pants” argument doesn’t fly with me for either of these drills.

    1. thebronze Avatar

      But he was a SEAL!!!!