Skull AR-15 Lower Receiver Is Badass

Sharps Bros. before hoes:


I blogged about their “nose art” type AR-15 lower receivers which were being exclusively sold at Dick Spider.  This one above though is going to look so sick in anodized aluminum (the picture is a 3d printed prototype).

In before dudes are like “But what if I have to shoot someone, and they bring up in court how bloodthirsty I am because my AR-15 lower is a top half of a skull?”.  Also in before “That nose hole will let too much debris into the magwell”… oh and “Those eye grooves are only going to encourage people who like holding the magwell when they shoot”. I know you guys too well. :P

Check out Sharps Bros, and keep an eye on when this badboy is release if you’re interested.


Gat tip: Marc


31 responses to “Skull AR-15 Lower Receiver Is Badass”

  1. Looks like it would be perfect in an “Expendables” movie!

  2. DO WANT!

  3. Another product for adult males who have the emotional and sexual development of a 10 year old. Does it come with Thunder Cats lunchbox you can take to Front Sight?

    1. Notamused Avatar

      Vitsaus means “Pest” in Finnish. Great name for a troll…

      1. Looks like a whole page full of “trolls” since everyone else this this is retarded too.

    2. What’s wrong with Thundercats???

    3. Nigger Avatar

      No one asked you

    4. I’d take a Thundercats lunch box too

    5. I wish

  4. kraken89 Avatar

    DERP of the highest order !

  5. Doyletoo Avatar

    What would it look like with the upper built in the same theme? An Eotech perched on a short rail on top of the skull…

  6. lolinski Avatar

    Holding the magwell or between the mag and receiver is completely legit and aids accuracy (with AK’s and the like since it doesn’t cause pressure on the handguards). I like my support hand close to the mag, aids in mag changes and much less fatigue than the ridicilous “Costa-grip”.

    1. This. Magwell grip is the only way to go. Unless you get all your shooting knowledge from Chris arm-tape-hyper-extension-elbow-thumb-on-top-Japanese-mantie-dropper-shark-jump-weird-backpack Costa

  7. ghey

  8. Grindstone Avatar

    It’s utterly stupid and unnecessary and I totally want one.

  9. It’s the AR equivalent of an Ed Hardy shirt.. not to mention you’re going to feel pretty stupid if you get killed when your reload gets hung up on a tooth.

  10. This reminds me of the early 2000’s “chopper” craze. I get the feeling that this is the harbinger of a bursting bubble.

  11. southpawbynw Avatar

    Meh. I don’t want to have to use a Sonicare on my lower when I drop it in the mud. Not my cup of tea, but interesting to see small firms bring new products to market.

  12. wow alot of negative comments. me personally i think it looks bad ass and i want one!!

    ive seen the pig one and theres another one already out but this one looks sick

  13. That thing looks like it’ll serve a very useful purpose. If you see someone with that at the range, you know that you don’t need to take anything they say about firearms seriously.

  14. Oh please, do share how a magwell grip is superior to a C clamp foreend grip. When body mechanics and ability to actually run the gun (versus-anticipating your next reload because you plan on missing 30x) are taken into account, the magwell grip falls flat on its dick. I hope your lower bites you.

  15. Another idea is for a skeleton hand holding the ‘skull’, which is engraved along the entire receiver length. Sure would be a bit heavy but that’s the cost of style.

    Also this serves a purpose in that it makes you feel less pity for the person your shooting.

  16. This is the worst gun website Ive ever seen. Im embarrassed that Dim libs will associate me with any of you.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks bro that means a lot, keep coming back and being disgusted on a daily basis like I know you will. ALWAYS make sure to comment too. We all love butthurt faggots.

  17. Wow, some folks in here take themselves way to seriously. I think it would be awesome as a range toy. Some of you guys act like you can only have one AR. Get real.

  18. wow this lower looks sick! When can i get one of these?

  19. Ash williams Avatar
    Ash williams


  20. i need one of the skulls just for a magazine grip just by itself . not the whole lower. i guess i need a 3d printer to make me a proto type and make a mould and make one out of nylon. i guess.

  21. I would like one of the “Skull AR15 lower receiver just like the 3rd proto type in the bone look just like the picture.