Stitches Is A Walking Advertisement For How Not To Be Low Key

Autotune, drug talk, disliking of police, mimicking AK-47 shooting… this video has it all:

Due to stereotypes which still exist in 2015 I’m surprised he can even walk around anywhere without being harassed by the police, much less board an actual plane without getting the interior of his colon examined, interrogated for 2 hours, and all his bags swabbed and x-rayed twice.

2:46 – Says he’ll shoot you with his AK (whatever)

2:53 – Lets that AK rip.

2:56 – Lets the AK rip again.

Stitches-Rapper2:59 – Oh cool a 3rd time he lets it rip!

3:01 – Hmmm 4th time to let that AK rip… this is getting old Stitches.  Ok that was a longer one with a little girl scream at the end, so definitely worth the wait of the first 3 AK rips.  I’m a happy customer.

If you want to see some other classic vids from our favorite pro-gun white rapper check the link.

Thoughts?  Would rip AK-47s with?


27 responses to “Stitches Is A Walking Advertisement For How Not To Be Low Key”

    1. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      ^^^^ Well Done, Well Done

    2. lol good one

    3. umop_3pisdn Avatar

      Bobby, i got cocaine stuck in my urethra

  1. Our local Miami Moron. There is another video of him at a public gun range violating the hell out of the Four Rules that cost the jobs of some Range personnel.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar

    @ 2:50 – “when you see me up in person, you gonna take a shit!”

    This is what our hip hop has devolved into. G-d help us all!

    1. Jim Jones Avatar

      And what is it with Stitches snitchin’ on Stitches?

  3. Dracon1201 Avatar

    And that kids, is why you don’t do drugs.

    1. Exactly!

    2. Denver Chris Avatar
      Denver Chris

      if there weren’t people that did drugs and ended up like this, we’d have no horror stories about drugs to tell our children. Catch 22

  4. Aaron Oh Avatar

    Shouldnt he get popped for calling out his “friend” at 1:40? What a train wreck. This boy should have gotten more hugs as a kid and less ICP

  5. I still hope that he’s the most undercover of undercover DEA agents… On the other hand, I really doubt it.
    I think it’s great how he won’t pierce his ears, but he’ll get a tattoo that says “cocaine” above his eyebrow.

  6. i walk through the airport with penis in my butt….. pah penis in my butt puh puh penis in my butt

  7. Mechanically Avatar

    A. I’m not qualified as a critic. My tastes lean more towards, well, music.
    B. That said, I’m sensing a severe lack of lyrical creativity.

    In all honesty, I wonder if antis lump me in with Stitches as the “typical” gun owner? If so, it may explain a lot of their consternation.

    1. Mechanically Avatar

      Followup; do antis point to videos like this as frequently as they blame groups like the NRA for things they want to change?

      I admit I don’t follow media broadly, so maybe they do, but I feel citizens like myself are projected as problematic more often than “youtube gang bangers” like Stitches.

      Bonus qustion: do rappers use the same sort of content in countries where firearms ownership is less common?

  8. His AK or his Tapco-ed out SKS? Stitches is literally the least hard core rapper I’ve ever heard.

  9. Jim Jones Avatar

    And now him and his buddy Str8kash sold their souls for a Kilo.

  10. thebronze Avatar

    Kilo’s in my bag. Fuck da po-lice. Got it.

  11. Rollin up in the drop off lane in that Buick Regal and checkin in at the kiosk? Shit son real G’s pull da whip straight up on tha tarmac. Dat pilot waits on me, ya heard?

  12. UsArmyMp Avatar

    Im gonna go out on a limb here………Ill see him either in the FEDs or in an obituary. Either way its only a matter of time. Just remember what Frank Lopez said – Hey, Tony. Remember when I told you when you first started working for me, the guys that last in this business, are the guys who fly straight. Low-key, quiet. But the guys who want it all, chicas, champagne, flash… they don’t last.

  13. Oh, Miami… how I miss you.

  14. Delray Silverback Avatar
    Delray Silverback

    Oh, Miami…how I don’t miss you in the least.

    Stitches; trigger discipline +1.

  15. southpawbynw Avatar

    Holy trainwreck. The hair and tattoos are just distracting and his “skills” leave much to be desired. Upside was I have never seen a car raised up like that before…so that was cool. I guess.

  16. Hmmm, his donk is missing a headlight.

  17. viperbo21 Avatar

    *sigh* He should have been swallowed or shot on his mom’s back.