DP-12 Double Barrel 12GA Pump Shotgun

One of Weapons Education’s least annoying vids yet, so I’m posting it:

Here’s the info sheet on the shotgun:


As you can see CTD is the “exclusive” (you have whisper it) distributor for it.  I hold grudges and still think that company is a piece of shit for raising all their prices whenever the market changes so I’m not linking them, but you can google their URL if you wish and search for the shotgun.  There is a listing for it on the site, but it’s seemingly not available yet even though in the video the rep said they have sold 30,000 units pre-order.

I remember when I had 3rd party advertising on the site, and people used to email me to bug me about how CTD ads would pop up.  In hindsight I probably should have told the ad company to remove their ads, but I always thought it was funny because I talked so much shit about them and they still were OK with advertising on my site.  Damn I just realized this post is a free advertisement for them… shit.

So this shotgun….A novelty?  Absolutely.  Cool?  Absolutely.  For the $1400 price tag I’m sure people will want it as a Kel-Tec KSG alternative… as long as it works better. Definitely similar looking… so much so I bet Kel-Tec is pissed off.



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  1. “least annoying vids yet” <- seriously. Whats with the silly Lord or the Rings knife he features at every opportunity? Sign of a deranged mind.

  2. I was waiting to hear more about this shotgun. Looks good, maybe too much money for me. I can get a KSG for 775 shipped these days so I will go with that. Could almost do two KSG’s for the price of this when it comes out. Also, the gun looks heavy, and I like the aspect of switching tubes on the KSG. My other kel tec runs like a top so I hope I get a good one.

    1. Lolinski Avatar

      But the DP12 requires half as much pumping compared to the KSG. Withe the KSG one pump = one shot, with the DP12 one pump = two shots.

      That is one advantage nobody seems to mention.

  3. Jim Jones Avatar

    Charging more in periods of increased demand is basic economics. If you run out of your supply, and your distributor also runs out of supplies, you’ve just fucked your cashflow, which can be deadly to businesses. Pulling all AR-15s in response to the Newtown shooting, only to come back later, now THAT is a bitch move that I will never forgive, nor will I ever forget. CTD will never get a dime from me. The firearms community has to stand strong, and when you are willing to throw us under the bus that fast, it’s not something I will forget.

    1. derpy sir derp Avatar
      derpy sir derp

      Yes.. I’d rather be able to buy ammo that is too expensive then not being able to buy any ammo at any price. Then if I really need it I can get it. Otherwise what happens is essentially price fixing and people hord it because it’s undervalued by the retailers and the horders know that they can always sell it back for a higher price. I’d rather have the profits go to the retailers and manufacturers then somebody that has friends at walmart and know when the next shipment is due to hit the shelves.

      But pulling guns off the shelves for PC reasons is just sad.

    2. Chuck in IL Avatar
      Chuck in IL

      Jim gets it. I’ve long since grown tired of the idiots who clang the pots and pans about a BUSINESS raising the price on ammo, then willingly pay double on the secondary market because they can’t find it at any store. Eco 101 people, supply and demand. Capitulating to the gun grabbers after Newtown is what soured people like me and Jim on CTD. If you fold that easily, I will never be able to count on you. And I will never buy from you again.

      1. Don’t forget Dick’s who acted like their name and yanked all AR platform immediately following Newtown. Can somebody who still shops there tell if they put any back on the shelves?

        1. Chuck in IL Avatar
          Chuck in IL

          I’ve not forgotten about Dick’s Sporting Goods either. And lets not forget the reason CTD and Dicks went into protect mode: The Media.

        2. No, but they sell them at Field and Stream which is owned by Dick’s.

    3. They also tripled the price of USGI 30 round mags several days after Newtown. Was supply limited? Nope. They saw the fear of a mag capacity limit and capitalized on it.
      Is that smart? Sure, if all you want to do is make money. It will also drive away your customer base when it becomes obvious you were just grabbing for cash.

      1. Chuck in IL Avatar
        Chuck in IL

        If you raise your prices after your stock is depleted, what have you accomplished? Again ECON 101.

  4. CTD can pretty much choke on a bag of dicks. There’s capitalism, and then there’s opportunistic abuse. If you were starving to death, those assholes would probably sell you a bag of rice for your eternal soul, just because they could. I’ll keep buying from Wideners and PSA, but never again from CTD.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      ++ to wideners. They are awesome and I feel like most people in the so called gun community haven’t ever heard of them.

  5. I can’t view the video because of workplace rules. However, this shotgun always reminds me of Moe Szylak from The Simpsons. I believe in at least one episode he pumped a double barrel shotgun.

  6. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    Props on sticking to your guns (lulz puns) over CTD. They pissed me off with gouging, too, and I haven’t bought from them since. Glad to see Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  7. Dracon1201 Avatar

    I don’t think DP means what they want it to mean. 2x the fun appearantly.

    1. James Rustler Avatar
      James Rustler

      I don’t get Dracon1201’s comments. It’s ‘DP’ because it has two holes and you double pump it.

      I wonder how the penetration would be out of a DP12, I guess it just depends on the loads you are busting with it.

  8. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    I wonder if it shares the whole “not cycling” feature with the KSG

  9. Am I the only one that thinks this thing looks awesome from the side view, and then totally lose interest when you see it is superwide with double barrels?

    Every one of these “Futuristic shotguns” is a pump action. I guess pump action and heavy is the wave of the future. I understand that pump action is supposed to make them more reliable, but I somehow think future shotguns will be like the Benelli semi-auto actions and not like these.

    One last note, I would love to see someone make a Halo-style shotgun where the loading tube is on top and barrel on the bottom. I don’t know if it would really let you load quicker but it seems to me like it might.

    1. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

      The real future is an autoloading KSG. If that existed, you’d almost have to buy one to keep up in 3-gun matches. Either people seem to think they need the reliability of a manual action, or it’s just the cheapest/easiest way to bring these new ideas to market, but I’m holding out for one I don’t have to fap to keep it talking.

      The real revolution would be getting shells to feed from a stacked magazine reliably, but that’s tough, as Saiga has proven. I’d really like to see the new AR-10 12-gauge upper do well. That other company went as far as redesigning the shell to feed right, but nobody wants a gun with proprietary ammo.

  10. This thing looks like it weighs a metric fuck ton.

  11. silent pisser Avatar
    silent pisser

    well fuck joe biden running. this thing should really save the day. except that you can’t blast 2 at the same time.. which would be cool.. especially if joe were breaking into your house.. wearing a cheaper than dirt shirt.

  12. Squirreltakular Avatar

    If Keltec can iron out the problems with the KSG, then I see no reason to buy this thing.

    That being said, it’s still freaking bad-ass.

  13. Are we at full retard yet?

  14. Mike Hunt Avatar

    I saw this (IMHO, stupid) thing at SHOT Show.
    You cannot do slug swaps, you cannot easily clear malfunctions (they seem to think that there’s no need to do either of those things).
    It is heavy and very bulky, as you might expect from what it essentially two shotguns welded together.
    But hey, it’s great if you want to add to a collection of other largely useless firearms like the double 1911 and double AR-15. In fact, now that I mention it…I want to see someone run a 3 gun competition with only double guns.

  15. Oh, gee. It’s Weapons Education and it opens with a man masturbating his shotgun. :eyeroll: I’ll have to look for another vid for this, I guess.