Kid Goes Inna Woods But Doesn’t Bring SKS For 2 Years Alone

Interesting enough little documentary from VICE:

That’s the trailer above. Watch the full thing HERE on VICE’s website.

While his parents were out working four jobs, Cambo spent his time learning how to survive in the rough backwoods of Alabama. When they went through a brutal divorce, he naturally fled to the woods to be alone. No traffic, no people, no responsibility—just pure survival.

The plan was to wait out his adolescence there until he could legally live life without his parents. He ended up spending two years alone in the wild. This episode of Profiles by VICE, from director Harmony Korine, tells Cambo’s story.

0:37 – Strong tannerite opener.  Cambo is a showman.

1:11 – Muzzle direction could use a lot of work.  Trigger discipline is acceptable though.

1:42 – 12GA at nothing… why not right?  ‘Merica.

3:33 – Derringer tucked in the change pocket.

Sad state of his family life :( No wonder he left.  Seems to have done really well for himself and even met a cool girl!  Damn, impregnated her ASAP though, damn son.  Oh shit she hates him now… rough break, fuck it BACK TO THE WOODS!

7:22 – More ammunition than he even knows!  Prepared for WWIII.

7:44 – Sweet cave brah, for real.  Indeed a good place to “pop motherfuckers” from that entrance.

haha at his “stock market” comment.  Keeping it real.

9:13 – Shot in the arm at his 21st birthday LOL.  It’s not a party in the Alabama woods I hear, until someone gets shot.

Thoughts? Were you disappointed that Harmony Korine didn’t have Riff Raff or at least James Franco make a cameo? I am.


8 responses to “Kid Goes Inna Woods But Doesn’t Bring SKS For 2 Years Alone”

  1. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    Quick Research: Yelawolf is doing some sort of thing with him. Add to that redneck street cred Yela, it will be legit, any day now…

  2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    I just watched the trailer but one thing that bothered me…….”real people” like him should know how to clean/skin a catfish. SMDH

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      I agree with you. Something seemed off with him just hacking away at a catfish. I’m no extreme survivalist, but I know how clean and skin a cat.

      1. Grindstone Avatar

        There’s more than one way to skin a cat… fish.

  3. Like most Vice “documentaries” I’d wager half was staged at best. At worst, he’s a hired actor.

  4. Can’t gut/skin a catfish.

    What’s the point of shooting tannerite? That stuff’s kinda pricey. If he’s really living in the woods he doesn’t have money to waste on that kinda crap.

    “Climbing tree” whoa impressive. I guess lots of kids nowadays don’t do that; but seriously this makes you a ‘woodsman’ ??

    “What year is it?” Really? I know people who live in the sticks and they may not know what day of the week it is but they definitely know what year it is. They’re not that dumb. Trying too hard bro.

    Typical vice bullshit.

  5. At 2 minutes, he says, “I lost my virginity out in this body of water.” The grin on his face made me smile too.

    1. Did he say if the encounter was concentual or was there pig squeeling going on in that there backwater? Just saying…