Taran Butler Rolls Deep – The Whole Squad Got Heat

Squad up:

Taran Butler… is his first name pronounced “Terrain”? That sounds like what Yeager is saying.  In my head I always pronounced it “Tear-Ann”.  In-head pronunciations v.s. real life when you finally have to say it some day is terrifying.  I run into this all the time when I’m on a date and order wine.  I learned though to close the menu, and then give the waiter the “Oh I forgot the name of it… *me opens menu and points* that one please!” move, to not look like a rube.  One reason I started ordering cocktails now because they have easy names.  Granted I often get screwed on the glass they come in haha.  Tonight, the first one I ordered came in a badass copper cup, but the 2nd different cocktail I ordered came in some sort of lesbian-looking low fishbowl and I was like damn I lost bigtime points for this maneuver.

I think I may have said this before, but I’m glad Taran has honor and dropped that dipshit “Amy Jane” the stolen valor queen from the roster.  Speaking about Taran I have to say, the guy has the hair and hairline of a goddamn lion.  I’m jealous.

Taran-ButlerMan Jessica Hook is cute / cool as hell.  Full disclosure, I creep her Instagram occasionally.  I think it was her who I accidentally double tapped a picture from like 20 months ago.  If you IG, you know this is basically instagram-coolness suicide.  It gives you instant creeper status.  I think I may have confiscated the like back, but she maybe already got the notification on her phone and if she looked and the like was gone then that’s pretty much worse.  “Cool story Mike” I know… this IG shit ain’t a game though.

Sooooo… the questions remains, do I add a three-gun squad to ENDO Tactical and get loads of cute girls emailing me to join?



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  1. I creeped the instagram too. Zero is SHORT! No wonder he’s so fast. My gun is a full IZ length away from my eye.

    I bought some Endo shirts for my matches this year, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So in a way, you do have a 3gn squad. But instead of cute girls, we’re skinnyfat, oddly pale dudes.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha well skinny fat pale dudes would have been my second choice :P. Thanks for the support!

      Yea zero is real short!!!

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        Beautiful women not found.

  2. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    Dude looks like he’s a subscriber to Powertwink Magazine. Multi-bun Expert gnomesayin

  3. Joey Jojo Jr. Avatar
    Joey Jojo Jr.

    OK, man. On the ordering drinks issue, here’s some Man Advice for you:

    Don’t order any fucking wine. Don’t order any fucking mixed drinks. Order bourbon or beer. You’re a guy. Drink like one.

    If the girl you’re with can’t grasp this, then you keep looking until you find one that does. You may be surprised how many are out there… :)

    This has been your Man Moment PSA.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL maybe I’ll have to try that sometime, see if it can’t also be delicious. :P

      1. derpmaster Avatar

        I mostly agree with the bourbon or beer only rule, but there are a few mixed drinks that are acceptable. It’s a very short list that includes manhattans, real deal big boy martinis (I’m talking gin, vermouth, and an olive, mixed with ice for 30 seconds and strained into a glass, none of that fucking vodka/sugary bullshit and NEVER over ice), and Dark n’ Stormies (may only be consumed while you are a maximum of 75 feet from a functional sailboat). Scotch is also acceptable.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I used to do strictly beer, but after a couple pints and a big meal all I want to do is either drink way more or go to sleep haha. I found mixed drinks don’t do that.

        2. matt RRC Avatar

          Rum and coke, Jack and coke are acceptable options. Straight Jack is even better.

        3. i like my booze like i like my women. 18 years old and mixed up with coke.

    2. Yeah pretty much what I was gonna say. Drink Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, etc. Adjust down to beer or alternatives as your environment dictates. If you’re in the Caribbean – drink rum, Cachaca in Brazil, etc…

  4. Logezbro Avatar

    You’re correct, it’s pronounced “tear-in” like the humans in Starcraft if you’re familiar. Why isn’t Amy Jane in this video?! She’s the hottest of them all. Being in So Cal I’ve had the privilege of shooting alongside (physically, not skill-wise) Taran and his team in a few pistol matches. If you ever want to lack all self confidence, follow them on a pistol stage and it’ll happen.

    1. Stitch1870 Avatar

      Perhaps Amy Jane is gone because she’s a fraud?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Amy Jane was pretending she was a marine despite the fact she dropped out after 88 days according to her own Facebook. A lot of sympathy was thrown around because dudes think they have a chance with her.

      1. Stitch1870 Avatar

        I’d like to see a follow up piece from someone in the industry do an interview with her and just rip her to shreds.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Yea that would be epic. My guess is she avoids firearm and military related press exclusively now though, despite the “support” from dudes who want to sleep with her.

      2. Logezbro Avatar

        Ahhh, I had no idea she was such a weiner. I figured she wasn’t the best at shooting, but was above average and that he just had her on his team as a marketing/promotional move. It worked on my weak mind apparently.

        1. Vincent Avatar

          She’s still around unfortunately and in fact she’s moving on to bigger things despite her fraud both as a Marine (which she tried to retract after a massive sh*t storm and her doubling down on her story) and as a stuntwoman. She’s now given opportunities in shooting and the stunt industry despite having not earned her way in like the guys do. I’m seeing this with things related to Taran Butler lately especially with women getting extensive training for free and becoming a “competition” shooter in a short time.

          Yeah I know the post is old but I can’t stand people who BS.

  5. That wine thing is pretty smooth, Mike. I agree with Jo though. Stick with beer, or a known manly drink. I wouldn’t go straight up though. Then they worry you have a problem. A classic Gin and Tonic is a decent date drink to sip on.

    Most of these new fancy named mixed drinks are all based off Cosmos. Nothing worse than ordering a drink and either: A. Getting some fruity crap the gets caught in your nicely groomed beard, or B. Getting a drink and having your date say, “I saw that in Sex in the City!” or something like that…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol “I saw that on sex in the city”. Me = dead.

  6. KestrelBike Avatar

    That Sammy girl, tho…. yes.

  7. tincankilla Avatar

    LOL that Sammi girl to the right of Taran is eyefucking Yeager at 0:27

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to read women’s expressions but I read it as she was embarrassed. My girlfriend makes the same look when she wants a situation to just be over with.

      1. SHeepdog6 Avatar

        I heard the word “Harem” and stopped it. I can only take about 5 seconds of Yeager before my foot gets tired and I put the parking brake on.

  8. Endo Mike, be honest. These “dates” are happening in Second Life, right?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha you guys wish. I do alright in real life despite my blog monologs. :P

  9. Never forget, alcohol is baby making fuel. I figure half the world’s population is here because of it.

    No more than three drinks though. Unless she’s real fucking ugly, then do what you gotta do.

  10. LongBeach Avatar

    “Lesbian-looking low fishbowl”


  11. Can you believe that Amy Jane Stolen Valor Queen still has that she was a Marine on her facebook page?

  12. Yup stopped at Harem.

    Anyway, Mike, show the ladies your watch collection. Bitches love watches.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha my “collection” consists of only a Rolex Submariner at the moment. I want to add another Rolex this summer though. I found most times it seems girls just like shiny stuff. I was seeing a girl recently who confirmed that when she asked what kind of watch it was… Googled it at home I’m assuming then told me I was basically retarded for spending a year’s worth of her rent on it. Haha girls.

      1. Rolexes are nice but I feel like they have become almost cliche. Have you seen the offerings from http://www.shinola.com

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Hey Tyler, yea I’m familiar with Shinola. I like sport watches though, hence the Submariner. I realize Shinola has some sporty looking offerings as well, but all their configs are definitely “inspired”. Relative to Rolex they are inexpensive though, I’ll give you that. If I liked any of those styles though I’d just buy the original IWC, Panerai, Timex even (haha yea some of those look like they knocked-off the classic Timex analog).

          I agree a Rolex is cliche. That said, anyone whose not into watches has no idea anyway. Kind of like that girl, they just see “shiny” I found. An old friend of mine used to complain he got more compliments on his Nixon watch than he did on his Breitling Chronomat, which I never witnessed but fully believe.

          1. I am somewhat proud of the fact that women on average are interesting in exactly none of the stuff I have chosen to spend serious cash on. I thankfully learned not to try attracting women with things unless they’re things you really like at a young age.

  13. Taran is dope. Props to him for dropping Stolen Valor Queen.

  14. Sweetrnkc Avatar

    Just wanted to say Thank You… Your blog and the comments have provided many laughs…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks a lot! It’s always nice to get feedback like that.