Magpul PMag Arts And Crafts

OMG Jennifer a magazine you can dye any color.  I’m LITERALLY DYING.. I CAN’T EVEN:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOMeh… cool I guess, as long as the price is close to the same as the standard black.  Nothing I’ll be running out to grab, but hey if people are thrilled this exists then that’s awesome.

Maybe the NRA will buy them to give to schools for the Eddie Eagle program as a handout to take home and dye with their parents?  haha wishful thinking right?

Thoughts?  Are you really amped these exist?


8 responses to “Magpul PMag Arts And Crafts”

  1. I’ve used dye on Magpul FDE stuff before it is easy to do and you can get pretty much any color you want. This sand color is supposed to be even better for dying, so yes I’m excited about it. That said this will only really be cool if they sell all their gear in sand color (I am OCD I want my mags, stock, hand guard, etc to match)

  2. I feel pretty lame for it but I’m excited as hell. I’ve dyed the lion’s share of my Magpul stuff just for fun. I was looking forward to Stealth Grey because I figured it’d be a good base for the Rit Dye, but now there’s this and I’m stoked.

  3. Actually, the sand color is a new polymer makeup that’s even stronger than the standard black.

  4. Wow I must not operate on the same tier as everyone else, I just spray painted them with camo Rust-Oleum. Bush league I know.

  5. Can I dye it digicam?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Probably if you put pieces of square tape all over it in the pattern and then dyed it 2 or 3 times.

  6. Don’t knock it, people! Only way I convinced the wife to let me build her an AR was the promise she could have purple furniture. This is cheaper than Duracote!

  7. only color this should be dyed is RED WHITE AND BLUE! I wonder if they’ll produce the rest of their furniture in this stuff. could get some crazy looking ars pretty soon.