Magpul All Polymer 9mm Glock Magazine

Oh wow, I didn’t expect this!

mericaNo steel liner or steel feed lip area like a an OEM Glock magazine.  I’m looking forward to drop tests and various torture tests on these.  Mattv2099 trollture even is bound to happen.

Smart they did it for 9mm Glocks too… not that .380 bullshit. :P

Priced at $16 and made in the USA! *USA USA USA*  I’m sure Magpul will put it up on their site sometime after SHOT.


13 responses to “Magpul All Polymer 9mm Glock Magazine”

  1. At this point Magpul could start making FDE sandpaper marketed as toilet paper and it would fly off the shelves. Even if these things bend like iPhones if you sit on them too much they’ll sell and at the price they’re asking, people will be fine with it.

    1. Yeah, I wanted a Glock for a second.

  2. AnimalMother Avatar

    Or, you know, it could be a good quality magazine for less than OEM glock mags. This is good because it creates competition that can lower prices on OEM mags as well. All other aftermarket glock mags are trash, I doubt they would release a turd of a magazine. I’m not a Magpul fanboy by any stretch (I own a set of MBUS Pro’s and a PMAG 40, that’s it), but I’m pretty stoked about these mags.

    1. KestrelBike Avatar

      I bought 3 korean G17 mags once, they were absolute shit. never again (korean mags). Couldn’t get more than 5 rnds loaded in each, something would start hampering the spring and they would become unbearably difficult to load the rest of the rounds in. I tried filing down the inside of the mags with a rat-tail file, which made things a bit better, but the pressure needed to load the mag with a Ulula (or w/e the speed loader name is) loader caused dented cases.

      1. I used the Korean mags for idpa, they been flawless for me.

  3. i am against this. it is obviously for the Glock 7 (the all porcelain one that can pass through metal detectors undetected and costs more than you make in a month).
    now the terrorists/right wingers/open carry aficionados won’t have to smuggle guns in their anusi/anuseseses to get them on planes.

    1. Well done sir.

    2. I think the correct spelling is “ani”.

  4. Shutup and take my money. :)

  5. now i must replace all of my glock brand glock with MAGPUL brand glock

  6. Will Smith Avatar
    Will Smith

    You don’t go full polymer. You keep the spring metal. You never go full polymer.

  7. Do you hear that faint whimpering sound? That’s the CEO of KCI crying himself to sleep after hearing about this.

  8. Need some sort of new Magpul fanboi technique to use with the new hardware. LAV anyone? Magpul stiff arm front grip thumb up grip? I dunno.