Shooting 12GA Ice Rounds

Taofledermaus tests it out (again):

Vanilla-IceToo bad they don’t work well… too light.

haha at 2:39 when he said it was “marine grade” plywood, I intially though he meant like for salt water resistance or something and was like huh learn something new every day… but then he want on to say Army grade so I knew he was joking… and there was that note on the vid. hah he got me though. :P



4 responses to “Shooting 12GA Ice Rounds”

  1. I could not hear the shells falling on the concrete real fast.

  2. Perfect tool for a crime ! If you freeze the water and remove the plastic, no fragments on the body. A coroner nightmare.

  3. rrc matt Avatar

    Marine grade is a real thing. Marine as in water, not military.

    1. You did noticed right after he said maine grade plywood he then said maybe army grade plywood, and at that time at the bottom of the screen pops up “some people think i’m serious sometimes” so in this case Marine as in military