Pop Pop Stab – Mixing Gun And Knife Training

A CQB drill for G’s who want to spice up fantasy attack scenarios with throat slitting:

His mom is filming this one, so he wanted to make her extra proud (McDonalds Fries after training for her little ‘ton ‘ton):

You might be on your knees straddling the attacker, and want to mix things up with a stab. Train for it:

Accessing that big blade, in this “Starwars kid” style video:

Fancy “West Side Story” style footwork in this last one:

Anton Beukes is the guy in the videos. It’s obviously cooler to stab at least one attacker, than boringly / predictably shoot all them.

Pistol-Knife-TrainingIt’s always risky talking about a post like this one, I saw on TFB which Nicholas wrote, because there’s a good chance it was lifted off this blog from a post I did days, months, even years earlier.  This particular video has a Dec 28, 2014 date on it though so I’m assuming unless someone re-upped it it’s new… and I don’t recognize it.  I got so many emails about that guy a while back, where people were like “wtf?”.  It has tapered off now quite a bit, but I still do get the occasional person ask what’s going on.

Thoughts?  Would incorporate into your training? Would bet on these vids disappearing?


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  1. forrest Avatar

    At that range, forget the pistol entirely. At that range, you’re probably going to lose against 3 people to begin with, especially if both of your hands are already taken up and cannot deal with the weapons they have. Groin kicks are fair game in the street. So kick someone, shove someone, and stab the s**t out of someone, then go for your gun if you’re still alive.

  2. That’s an awesome way to shoot yourself in the hand. The stupid is just too deep here. This is more McDojo gun fighting.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

    2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      First thing I thought too. I was hoping we’d see some Tex Grebner by the 4th video.

      1. Damn, beat me to it!! :-)

      2. Third vid looked like a good candidate. Tell me he isn’t muzzling his left arm when he stabs the tire! And wtf is he stabbing at the ground?

  3. I only watched two videos. Does he ever shoot from more than 1 inch away? I’m guessing not since he’s a knife weirdo. Yes, all knife guys are weirdos.

    1. Vitsaus Avatar

      I can attest to that. Selling weapons for a good chunk of my adult life, the knife guys were by far the creepiest.

      1. They also start every sentence with “But in combat…” followed by a story of the time they almost joined the coast guard reserve.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Haha knife guys

        2. /me pushes the spyderco deep into his front pocket

          Uhh…yeah then crazy knife guys! :shifty eyes:

          Hell I have been a knife guy since I was a kid…pre-guns. Almost cut my finger off with my new Barlow before I even made it out of the K-Mart parking lot. LOL sure made dad proud! So much blood it soaked my sock. I think he might have had second thoughts on whether I was ready for my first knife LOL

          1. Kestrelbike Avatar

            Haha he was probably more concerned about what mom was going to do to him when she found out

  4. TheBear Avatar

    It looks like someone has been using movies as tacticool reference material.

    1. Remember in FPS the knife is the most powerful weapon!

  5. it's my day off Avatar
    it’s my day off

    i wonder if dude has a job.

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      Prolly a butcher or barber.

  6. raisedby_dogs Avatar

    I can’t wait for the video of ton ton shooting himself in the arm. I also think he needs to upgrade to a broadsword. I know he owns one from the Asian gift store in his local underage girl zoo… I mean shopping mall.

  7. What a dumbass… But where can i get that IWB knife holster?

  8. umop_3pisdn Avatar

    HSLD operations goin hard, run faster with the knife out

    didnt watch past the first video, but im waiting for him to plunge that knife into his kidney and shoot himself after seeing him speed reholster both..

  9. Korey5640 Avatar

    Soooo….anyone else notice the NYPD shirt on the left target in the second video? Timing is just a bit off there buddy…

    Also, I can’t wait for the video where he slices open his own arm and/shoots himself.

  10. Dudes filming their own “training” and posting online are just weird.

  11. Harm Uden Avatar
    Harm Uden

    Doesn’t shooting someone kind of make stabbing or slicing them with a knife moot?

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      If you shoot them with anything less than a .45, you need to use the knife to kill their soul.

      1. lol

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Hahah truth

  12. elephantrider Avatar

    This guy is on a different planet than the rest of us. THERE ARE some reputable firearms/weapons trainers that advocate knife and gun training, but it doesn’t look like this. Using a knife for defense is primarily an extreme close quarters technique, NOT an option for when you are bouncing around from target to target. This guy is either a troll or out of his mind. I to hope he blows a finger, hand, or arm off.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs-TObcA6R0 Kyle Defoor has a good video on how to transition from blade to gun

  13. This guy needs to turn off AMC whenever they show Rambo and stop playing Metal Gear Solid.

    1. kingof9x Avatar

      LOL I was thinking the same thing about Metal Gear Solid. You are not solid snake! You are not Big Boss. These techniques work well only in metal gear online.

      On another thought. What would this guy do if he had to stab someone on the right side? He only trains to stab on his left side and on a tire below him. Seriously? How often in a gun fight are you going to need to stab the guy laying on the ground.

  14. Wait, what?

    Swear to god, I can’t tell the “real” stuff from the parodies any longer.

  15. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    it has to be a joke………..I hope.

  16. That dood is going to shoot himself.

  17. At least he doesn’t have a plastic bag on his head while someone pokes him with a stick.

  18. So I saw the first video, and I was all, “Well, yeah, that’s a little unrealistic, but it’s like doing kata in karate… it’s not supposed to represent a real scenario, just be a useful collection of practice movements to help build muscle memory… and that’s some pretty good draw work.”

    But then I saw the rest of the videos, and I was all, “NOPE.”

  19. Yourmacroismymicro Avatar

    I used to train like this before I discovered scissors.

  20. Yeah why would you throw a loaded ar15 into a garbage can and pick up a pistol to shoot instead…..

    Training is training is training – the “disruptive” in Haley’s training is in parts off hand, unsupported and multidisciplinary. How many people have let alone could do this and strike three targets at that speed?

    A very real argument can be made about the whole idea of static target shooting being relevant at all for training, nothing moves, nothing fights back, there is no real fear involved – it’s actually less realistic than airsoft.

    Obviously he needs to explain what is obvious – both items are concealed and if your gun goes down at those distances the knife may be faster. Or just being ambidextrous, or if your gun is taken away or or or – training is for the unexpected as much as the expected.

  21. Wouldn’t it be easier to just shoot all three of his imaginary attackers? Hell, even slash at one and book it.

    Although, if you were facing three assailants at this range, you’re probably fucked as is.

  22. Edwin Garcia Avatar
    Edwin Garcia

    Someone has been playing Metal Gear Solid 3 too much and really wanted to emulate the CQC.