Airsoft BB In Face Extraction

*smh* wear full face production if you’re going to play that game:

Airsoft-MemeAs shown in the last vid, that’s basically how they take it out at a hospital anyway, so might as well do it on your own.  Just watch out for infection bros.

Question: “Where did you get your scar?”
Answer: “Airsoft” <-- Is not going to impress girls. Thoughts? Anyone have this happen to them?


9 responses to “Airsoft BB In Face Extraction”

  1. Angry Vet Avatar
    Angry Vet

    It’s not airsoft, it’s milsim.


  2. raisedby_dogs Avatar

    Doc is like “bring your head down… take off your fucking stupid green flexfit hat… its 2015 bro, get fitted.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ROFL so true

  3. Vitsaus Avatar

    So this is why airsofters act like they’re really operators who have been in real combat. This is how airsofters get the 100 foot stare? Did this kid get a purple hear for his combat wound? Let me see… one more… oh yeah, he probably won’t ever be accused of airsoft stolen valor now that he has a video to show that “he was there.”

  4. Gah, been shot in the face enough in paintball to ALWAYS have my full-face mask on. There’s a feeling of almost euphoric relief when your field of vision suddenly turns purple and you realize you’d be blind in one or both eyes if you had skimped on protection. Ear shots still hurt like a matriarch-fornicator though…

  5. anonymoose Avatar

    lol I had a similar thing cut out of my chin a week ago. It was actually a growth, not something embedded there, though.

  6. lolinski Avatar

    I got mauled by a first grader once… It left a cool but somewhat suble scar on my cheek. Whenever someone asks I just say it was a dog that mauled me.

  7. TheBear Avatar

    I an see nobody chrono’ed shit on that airsoft field.

  8. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Yikes. I haven’t shot an airsoft gun in ages. but long ago I took one to the ear as it thankfully curved and didn’t T-zone me. Hit my buddy in the hand once and he nearly cried. At least we were using cheaper guns that probably wouldn’t penetrate unless you took one to the eye. Still, airdoft is silly, but was fun at the time.