AR-15s Are Not Systems – Holsters And Belts ARE Systems

Carry “system” *snicker*:

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved*puts out video saying how calling the AR-15 a weapons system sickens him… does video with Galco and lets it slide without so much as even a comment*.  Weak.

I realize this was advertising… but a 7 minute video on Galco was pretty much a waste of time over reading a list with like 6 points on it.



9 responses to “AR-15s Are Not Systems – Holsters And Belts ARE Systems”

  1. 41 seconds of intro, that’s time I’ll never get back.
    7 minutes of video. How do these guys talk for that long? How can they say so much and say so little?
    Two dudes sitting around a lunch room table talking holster, that’s some entertaining shit right there.
    It’s a holster, you can’t talk about comfort and fit, they’re subjective. What’s comfortable to me probably isn’t comfortable to you.

  2. Olympia173 Avatar

    You can’t just look at a holster and call it a holster…it’s got to be part of a system. But you can certainly look at an AR-15 and completely ignore the fact that it’s a precision machined collection of components each working together in perfect harmony to propel bullets accurately down range. But that’s not a system. That’s just a carbine. Unless it’s not a carbine. Only in Jaeger’s weird little world….

  3. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    parking brake < vehicle movement arresting system

  4. triggernoob Avatar

    He “stoled.” Hahaha, dork.

  5. KestrelBike Avatar

    What bothers me the most is that Yeager thumbnail pic. Yikes, talk about something I never ever need to see once let alone again.

    1. Orangejoe Avatar

      …not Yeager. Google image search is your friend.

  6. Orangejoe Avatar

    My time is valuable, so I will comment without watching (never happens on the web!).

    A rifle is not a weapons system, a holster is not a carry system, but a matching set of holster, magazine carrier and gun belt might be called a carry system.

  7. elephantrider Avatar

    J. Yeager is a stand alone douche nozzle system. A turd of the highest order. Goes begging for money to produce his web series and this is what he puts out… a Galco commercial? He probably got paid by Galco as well. Take money from idiots to produce something that has little to no production cost, something you are already putting out, and that will garner you more monetized Youtube hits. My hat is off to him for getting away with it, but see my original comment about him being a douche. Dude left his dignity behind a long time ago.