Glock Over Lubrication Operation

Mattv2099 gets lubey with it:

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryFAILED.  Take that Larry Vickers!

So it seemed to be slowing down the striker for a bit until that lube got out of the channel.


8 responses to “Glock Over Lubrication Operation”

  1. James Fox Avatar

    What the heck is a “magazine clip”? SMH

    1. I have a feeling he was being facetious — I’m pretty sure I also heard “clipazine” later on.

  2. MattV2099, the only YouTube gun guru I trust!

  3. Matt ya jerked the trigger in anticipation on that second shot! :P

  4. triggernoob Avatar

    I wonder if he has ever tried cosmoline on that shit. Where does one get that?

    1. They don’t make cosmoline anymore but you can get similar products like rust veto. It’s basically just grease with additives

  5. In my opinion this should not be called overlubrication. He is putting lube where the manual specifically tells one not to lube (p. 25-26 in the Instructions for use). That’s like plugging the barrel full of grease (WARNING! DO NOT DO THAT! THE GUN MIGHT BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE!!!) and then saying that it is possible to overgrease a certain gun.
    Additionally it would have been interesting if the light primer strikes would have occured, had he performed a function check after reassembly. (The two dry fires might have pushed out some lube.)
    And as a final note, if one sees a chance that the firing pin channel of a Glock is somehow going to get full of fluid (be it water, lube, diet coke, …), better use maritime spring cups (and be aware of the trade off in life expectency of the cups).

  6. So….when is the KY jelly test?