Cory07ink Stolen Valor Successfully Swept Under Rug So Business As Usual

So what does that mean?!  New videos coming soon of course:

I’ve come to learn that in 2014 apparently stolen valor isn’t that big of a deal to most people.  I knew of the term “stolen valor” for a while, and heard of some cases in the past but never really had semi-direct experience with it until the whole Cory07Ink debacle.  You can read about it at the link, but he mis-represented himself as prior military.  It’s documented in videos and if you follow the link above his own girlfriend (Erika) asks him the direct question and he answers “yes”, so there’s no disputing that at all.  I don’t come from a military family, and haven’t lost anyone in a conflict so I’m about as far removed as you can get from someone that should be offended by another making a false “prior service” claim.  For me, I just find it very interesting / disappointing from a personal integrity standpoint.  If you’ve fought for the country, and/or even lost family or friends who have… do you care or not care whether someone falsely represents themselves as one of those who did indeed serve?

Cory-And-Erica-Punching-Bag-Glock-BeatingAnother recent case of this that came across my desk yesterday, was when someone tagged me on Instagram in a picture of some girl named “Amy Jane”.  I didn’t recognize the name at first, but after googling her, I instantly remembered her from some vids she did with shooter Taran Butler.  Anyway, it turns out she was discharged after 88 days in bootcamp and yet she has been calling herself a Marine for years. Sure SOME people are pissed for obvious reasons, and because it appears to have landed her some pretty sweet jobs within the industry and even on TV… but there is also a huge outpouring of support for her on Facebook (negative comments obviously blocked).  I’m really scratching my head at the positive part of the reaction after reading the details on that one too.  Yea she’s smoking hot, so that probably has at least something to do with it.  I still give her a 0/10 though, would not operate with.

Thoughts? Would operate with Cory & Erika or Amy Jane?


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  1. I am a vet. I’ll be the first to say it: Fuck this lying asshole and his girlfriend/wife pimping ways. I hope he fails. I hope he fails hard.

    1. copsarenotpeople Avatar

      He should fucking kill himself.

      1. Well, that escalated quickly.

        1. Sheepdog6 Avatar

          Yes, that really got out of hand.

        2. Almost spit my drink out laughing at your comment. Hilarious!

      2. “cops are not people” stfu

      3. Angry Vet Avatar

        You sound like a special kind if dickhole.

        1. This “Angry Vet” is none other than “Amy Jane” herself with a name change due to people finding out.

          1. Angry Vet Avatar
            Angry Vet

            ‘Fraid not.

      4. Angry Vet Avatar

        You sound like a special kind of dickhole.

  2. Whacker-15 Avatar

    While watching some of these videos of people speed shooting I always wonder how many times they have actually hit the target and not just thrown lead downrange.

    1. The power of editing can make anyone look like they can draw and ding a postage stamp at 100 yards and get it all done in less than 1 second.

      It’s interesting when some of these bad ass instructors make excuses for not competing and putting their abilities on display. It says a lot.

  3. i love watching don shippley (not sure how to prenounce it) tear apart fake seals on you tube
    that shit is funny as hell

  4. Ole'Wolf Avatar

    I’m a Vet – twice… or gob’mint got me shot at on two different continents years apart
    Retired Military
    Still work with Vets at a VA every day.
    These people are called “Wanna Bes” – dealt with wanna bes for over 40 years… I’ve met more Air Force-Ranger-Airborne-SEALS since I started working at a VA than I EVER thought possible, hell I washed out of Ranger twice myself- these guys and gals are HARDcore! So claim whatever you want- been known to, ahem… “overstate” my own level of hardcore myself- usually over a few beers. These people, I couldn’t care less what they claim. Until, that is- it’s to make money, get jobs or claim benefits. They cross that line there’s only one title for them: “Liar.” As for “Corey07ink” if you watch his “style”… well… he is selling something. ‘Nuff said.

    1. I washed out of RIP once – knee gave out. Body was not up to the challenge. I’ve never lied about it because I was actually there and I am proud to have even tried. I still served as airborne infantry and I’m proud of that too. +1 for honesty. -1 for all the chairborne rangers out there.

  5. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    I agree with Jeff. Don Shipley is a boss and I’d love to see him give this douche a call. He’d crumble like a candy wrapper. If you don’t know of Don, Mike – Look up his YT vids, I think you’d get a good laugh. Buds131 is the channel. Retired Seal senior chief who calls out stolen valor fools.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea someone put me onto Don Shipley here a couple months ago! Awesome video archive of callouts for sure.

  6. Socialkaos Avatar

    The hell with this Travis Haley wanna-be, his ditsy girlfriend, and all the companies that sponsor him. He’s a lying POS. He went awol from 30th A.G. , he didn’t even have what it takes to make it to basic training . This guy is the ultimate shitbag and I feel sorry for the dumbasses that will pay to be “instructed” by him

  7. Yourmacroismymicro Avatar

    There are plenty of folks that have served, but as contractors. Working side by side military units, some without prior military service. Most of these people are patriots, as much as any soldier. In the end, they negotiated a salary instead of taking an oath, and got paid instead of receiving valor. Fighting for money isn’t noble on paper, but I think lots of guys know that there was plenty of bravery and heroics displayed by these non military personnel, on multiple notable occasions.

    That said, it doesn’t make lying right. Wearing a uniform that isn’t yours is and should be a crime. For some though, there isn’t an easy way to answer the question “did you serve”? Bound by NDA’s, and no military record; America hasn’t figured out a way for these folks to answer that question.

    1. Socialkaos Avatar

      You just went full-Yeager

    2. heavyfire7537 Avatar

      Are you serious? Comparing someone who volunteered to defend their country with a mercenary. Talk about a skewed sense of right and wrong.

      1. reality check Avatar
        reality check

        *shrug* Cory lied, nobody died.

    3. Are you kidding me? If they were so patriotic, why didn’t they enlist? Instead they fought for pay. I don’t know where you got your definition from, but my dictionary doesn’t describe that as patriotism.

  8. I generally just find wannabes pathetic. One local kid joined my old unit and is claiming to have been present when a colleague was killed in 2011, despite his being 16-ish at the time. Apparently he was a scuba astronaut sniper. That crap makes me mad.

    Would not operate with anyone who washed out of basic. Not that military service is a prerequisite for being a good trainer. I found that chick’s rant about “feeling like” a marine to be hilarious. I feel like I am and have always been James Bond, never mind that I was just a leg in the Army and the only school I ever did was designated marksman. I really FEEL like I’m a super spy. Maybe a space pirate too.

    1. Seriously Mike, upvote functionality. This man would get one from me… consider this a symbolic upvote, overkill556 (AKA James Bond, Space Pirate).

  9. Do you know who IS a former Marine (2 years-ish then out on a med discharge), Chayse Evans. Go ahead, make the googles. You’re welcome.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      lol totally work safe

    2. I found this one a Marines forum:

      “After I saw this post I had to respond. I attended DLI/FLC with “Chayse Evans”. Yes, she graduated the basic intelligence analyst course. She then attended DLI/FLC as her follow on school to learn Arabic. She never graduated. She never passed her DLPT. She was never considered by anyone an Arabic linguist. During her tenure at DLI/FLC she was medically separated from the Marine Corps.
      She never served as an Arabic linguist in either the operating or support forces. It was probably very hard for her to find employment as an Arabic linguist as she has absolutely no experience and no proficiency in the language.
      The only thing I do give her credit for is that she has remained vocal in her support for the Marine Corps, and her fellow Marines in a time when it has become fashionable to speak out against us.”

    3. She was at DLI too ;)

  10. I have a problem with someone who has a loose relationship with the truth. The Mea Culpa video he released several months ago, was full of starts and stops, mumbling, and so many tells that Doyle Brunson would have left that kid broke and scratching his head what the hell had just happened. A lie is still a lie.

  11. Joethefatman™ Avatar

    As someone that tried with 4 branches, hell I even tried the coasties, and couldn’t get in due to a heart condition, these people really piss me off. I wanted to be in real life what they are faking. I may be a lot of things, but at least I’m not a fucking fraud playing pretend warrior.

  12. Any kind of instructor is going to tell you a lot of things. If the first thing you’ve been told is a lie, how much can you trust anything else they say? If Cory lied about his service, how can I trust any claim he makes about the quality of his instruction?

  13. He was regarded by a lot of gun forums as a fuckwit before this came out, it ain’t changing.

    Keep spreading the word about him. Fuck his noise.

  14. Won’t matter. He’s got a hot gf so he’ll get lots of youtube views.

    1. He always makes sure to have her ass in the prone be his youtube thumbnail too. I can’t stand that guy.

  15. Also I just wanted to point out the obvious.. the trend in youtube gun videos has been shooting vice hitting.

    I.e. it’s all about how cool you look while manipulating the firearm vice if you can actually hit shit.

  16. wow this guy doesn’t know when to lay low.

    if he is any kind of dad, he will be so tired from lack of sleep due to that newborn, he will be shooting at imaginary zombies in his pumpkin patch. that i would want to see.

    and a post pregnancy erika. can she hold the throne with Mancas and tactical snookies nipping at her cankles?

  17. Laughingdog Avatar

    The Amy Jane thing is pretty simple really. The hotter the girl, the more guys out there eager to white knight for her, regardless of what she did.

  18. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    The Facebook page is full of guys saying it’s ok, and I just kept thinking “Gentlemen, no matter what you tell her on Facebook, it isn’t going to translate into her standing on your front porch with a LWRC rifle and nothing but panties on.”

    Lying is lying. People with integrity know right from right and know that “being” something isn’t the same as a discharge before first duty station was reached. I have no interest in people without integrity.

  19. Marmotsalvo Avatar

    I find it very sad that people feel the need to falsify their identity and put a fake personality just to get attention. I have family in the military and I also plan on serving and I find it extremely disrespectful to those who have served in the military. Those who dress in false uniform for whatever reason should be very ashamed of themselves and embarrassed for their actions. By dressing in such a manor or lying about who you are is quite ridiculous and should be ended.

  20. Mike, I’m a hundred percent with your feelings on the subject. Never served myself, but met plenty of kids in college that got back from the real sandbox and had varying degrees of PTSD. It’s a real shitty thing to do and if any of these people had a modicum of respect, they’d be ashamed for faking to further their business aspirations in this industry. I frequent many blogs and forums and I know the feelings towards Mr. Jackson are very universally vilified. I’m sure you will take that into consideration when contemplating promoting any of their content on your wonderful website. I would hate for any of your reputation with the community to be dragged down by these liars.

    All the best.


  21. Look at all them thirsty fuckers on that Facebook post trying to mangina their way into her va-jay-jay! “OMG, are u ok? Is there anything u need? I support U! Stay strong!” Lulz

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Bringing Churchill into it too. LOL Now that’s desperation.

  22. Had an old boss who lied about having an SF past and no doubt it helped him in monetary gain. I was not sad to see his ass leave the company after real ex-SF called his ass out. So yeah, fuck these fake fools trying to ride off the waves of the real deals who shed real blood.

  23. I’m an infantry vet and, yeah…. this guy is an idiot. Most vets I know would probably punch him in the face if they caught him walking down the street. These guys that washed out of basic (seriously, wtf?!) were always so pathetic; generally they were the ones talking the most crap and playing toughguy, and also not pulling their weight. Had one guy, much like Cory here, say all sorts of things about how tough he was…. one day big drill drop kicked that kid so hard he couldn’t talk for fifteen minutes. After catching his breath the kid finally ran off crying for his mother (literally) and begging to go home. Later, on the day of our graduation, the drill sergeant caught that same kid buying all sorts of shirts that said “Infantry Vet” and “Ranger” on them…. even though he had been relegated to CQ desk for weeks and was being outprocessed. Hilarious.

    TLDR: No sympathy for liars, *especially* deserters like Cory.

  24. Wow, six years after the famous Mick Strider stolen valor case and people still keep doing that shit? Isn’t it obvious at this point that it will always come out sooner or later?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Unfortunately stolen valor doesn’t seem to have slowed down Mick Strider’s a.k.a. Micky Ray Burger (I mean c’mon what kind of self respecting adult male changes his legal name outside of the NFL?) business at all. Those “Strider” guys can’t crank out their overpriced knives fast enough for their well-heeled fanboys. Hey, I think John Willis (OSOE owner and ardent Cory defender) is one of those Strider fan boys. I think I’ve figured out the conspiracy: Cory is Mick Strider’s illegitamte son! Maybe John Willis just appreciated Mick Strider because of they both have a criminal history. Turds of a feather flocking together.

      Honestly, I don’t think this Cory turd has enough foresight, hindsight, sense, or whatever you want to call it to pay attention to the fact that many who have come before him have been caught up in the same type of lies and partial truths. I doubt he realized the hole he was digging himself as he stretched the truth into a better story to suit his needs.

  25. Angry Vet Avatar

    As a vet and a Gold Star family member stolen valor enrages me to no end. I would love to take my anger at Westboro out on Cory and my “other” frustrations out on Ericka. Seeing as Cory doesn’t mind sharing mine and my fallen brother’s valor he shouldn’t mind sharing his lady.

    1. heavyfire7537 Avatar

      good one. He pimps her out by YT.

  26. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    how about how John Willis and Yeager defend him on their YT video? No Honor their.

    1. LOL yeager

      “Press checks are only for amateurs” is his newest yeager-ism

  27. Haboob308 Avatar

    Worse then the stolen valor of Cory is the fact that Yeager and the guy who owns SOE gear almost immediately put out a video saying they don’t care about Cory’s stolen valor, because he sends them business…. Absolutely despicable. I’d rather wear condor shit gear then give my money to wank stains at SOE.

  28. SO here is the thing. He is a complete liar. You know what is awesome about the internet? It archives, and doesn’t forget. There is a handy website called, that basically archives snapshots of websites, including his personal one. Here is his:

    1. The first one is October of 2012:

    The bio for Cory reads: “Cory Jackson

    Cory Jackson is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since 2001 Cory has had between 96-112 hours of training each year from some excellent instructors, so around 1300 hours of defensive training in handgun and rifle classes. Also training in instructor classes where you learn how to train and build up the students. Cory training style has derived from the classes he has taken from picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.”

    2. This one is from Nov 21st 2012:

    “Cory Jackson

    Cory Jackson is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since 2001 Cory has had between 96-112 hours of training each year from some excellent instructors, so around 1300 hours of defensive training in handgun and rifle classes. Also training in instructor classes where you learn how to train and build up the students. Cory training style has derived from the classes he has taken from picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.”

    Still the same, pretty basic, and believable right? Lets jump to June 2 2013:

    “Cory Jackson is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since he was honorably discharged from the Army in 2001, Cory has had between 96-112 hours of training each year from some excellent instructors, so around 1300 hours of defensive training in handgun and rifle classes. Also training in instructor classes where you learn how to train and build up the students. Cory training style has derived from the classes he has taken from picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.”

    You can see he starts to alter his statement, adding in the Army service.

    Now, 10 April 2014 we get this:

    “Cory Jackson is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since he was medicallly discharged from the Army in 2001 for a pre- exsisting heart condition, Cory has had around 100 hours of training each year from some of the top instructors around the United States. What is unique about Cory is that he has been constantly training over the past 13 years and although he is an instructor he tries his best to be a constant student and continue to learn. Cory’s training style has derived from the classes he has taken by picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.”

    It goes from Honorable to “Pre-existing heart condition”, and Medically discharged.

    Then we have this Gem, that might, or might not be real:

    His discharge papers from USAR.

    Take it for what you will.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha webarchive always burns people, nice find. That HossUSMC pic is pretty damning too but yea who knows if it’s real.

  29. Greg065 Avatar

    Why is it that so many people think that by using the foulest language possible they lend more creditability to themselves? If you can’t articulate a response without resorting to the “F” word or some other equally vile response, please do not bother. I am a retired Air Force E-6 and Viet Nam vet and as such have as much disdain for people claiming to be ex-military as the next guy. I think that there should be a way to prosecute them criminally just as we do for impersonating a Police Officer. I believe that these people should not be given any slack and I applaud the efforts by honest people to expose these individuals. Thank You and thank all of the military readers for your service. “All Gave Some, Some Gave All”.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks Neil. Unbelievable.

  30. GhostWarrior Avatar

    If the knife industry only knew the truth about the whole Strider/Dwyer SOE charade.. even Blue line, Monkey edge.. so funny how MS stolen valor swept under the rug.. seems he must be connected somehow to proceed.
    What a bunch of sad humans.. I’d rather make my own knife than spend a dime on their lies in the form of lies and military equipment. And what about the wives who became master knife makers in 6 months. Haha What the hell is wrong with people. Don’t they see something is stupendously off?