Beyonce Guide To Polymer Pistols

Beyonce-Guide-To-Polymer-PistolsThis is what you’re missing out on if you don’t follow me on Instagram.

If I have to explain these… you haven’t been around those guns or even read about them on the internet long enough. :P



9 responses to “Beyonce Guide To Polymer Pistols”

  1. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe Never Forget, Never Forgive

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha apparently it’s fake.. funny though.

  2. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Not totally understanding the M&P one. Should be somewhere between Glock and H&K, in my opinion. Or the M&P one should be XD, hahaha.

  3. The duke Avatar

    Anyone listening to Beyonce automatically get his manhood card revoked.

  4. derpmaster Avatar

    I understand none of this.

  5. UsArmyMp Avatar

    HI-Point…….Gangsta as SHIT!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh man that M&P one. I showed it to Little Gwolf 1 and he was like da fuq wrong with that chick?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  7. H&K made me laugh maybe because I own one. Everything’s perfect… too perfect.